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I am the biggest Gleek you will ever meet.

Me and some fellow Gleeks are planning Glee parties every Wednesday to watch the new episode.


Puck is so hot


But when when when when will it FINALLY be revealed that Puck is actually the baby daddy?!?! UGH!


Agreed. Puck could be MY baby's daddy. Most of the actors on the show have been out of high school for quite some time. Stealing the formula from the original 90210 I guess.


In that video, it looks like Fin had dumped Quinn as Quinn gives Fin a dirty look as he wraps his arms around Rachel.


My big question is how do they follow up to this season?


Seems like they'll get to regionals, but then what? Do they lose and try again in Season 2? If they win, what's next?


Did FOX think this show was going to be as huge of a hit as it's become?


Ratings for the show are pretty high and last week's episode was the 8th highest DVR-ed recording ever.


I've been pulling up the studio recordings of the musical numbers on Youtube. The soundtrack for the show comes out on Nov 3rd.


Here's a couple tracks.







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I kept hearing great things about so I watched the first three episodes on demand just in time to catch the 4th. I really enjoy the show, and last night's number with Quinn and the cheerleaders was damn hot.


The only thing that sucks about this show is that it's on Fox, and Fox always cancels good shows.

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Jane Lynch as Sue should be getting an EMMY nomination, if not the statue itself, for this role. And especially based on last night's ep.


She is f-ing outrageously great! The writing certainly helps her KAPOW out her character... but my oh my...


She's amazing! And she was great as Julia Child's sister in "Julie & Julia", too.


Her time for accolades has finally arrived. (I hope!)

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I LOVE Glee!! That show is so amazing, but thats coming from a choir geek. . . I miss choir so much, no that I'm not in school at the moment. Watching Glee just brings back happy memories.


I'll co-sign on that. I wish our show choir in high school and our small ensemble in college could have done this kind of thing. I loved it hwne I was in school, don;t get me wrong, but this would have been just plain awesome.

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Last night's GLEE was pretty good.


But - Sue in the zoot suit! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....


= Priceless.


Even made me enjoy the old Neil Diamond chestnut, "Sweet Caroline".


And "Wedding Dress" (I forget the character's name, sorry) can sing???!!! Who knew? The producers and writers knew, of course. They're all great in this. It's all great.


Glee is the It Show for me this season, so far, I must undeniably admit, LOL!

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