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This is attached to the http://www.Broadway.com site, but it's too good not to share, here at our TPR GLEE Thread, heh heh.


And a few of us don't get TV Guide (the U.S.version or otherwise), so that was another reason to share.


Are we there yet, in GLEE-Madonna-Land?


Pretty spiffy cover. And Jane Lynch looks... well..... omg.


A nice look, hmm?


More "Vogue"!

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^Bill, I love that edition of TV guide!


I can't wait for tonight's episode! I already downloaded the mini album "The Music, The Power of Madonna" last night. It is awesome! Love their rendition of "What it Feels Like For A Girl". Maybe I'm a bad judge considering it's the cast of Glee doing M songs! Madonna+Glee= 2 things I love! Tonight's episode should rock!

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^ I loved that!


I wished they'd had more time to show them all, in the hallway there.


Was great. And a fun surprise, as part of the episode.


The CD's on it's way now. Mmmmmm can't wait.


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Here in Kansas, we've had a little bit of drama go down regarding Glee.


On Tuesday, Idol ran a bit late, so Glee started late. Well, the news at 9 o' clock CUT OFF THE END OF GLEE. I was PISSED! Turns out I wasn't the only one. FOX Kansas was flooded with emails, calls, etc. Some people couldn't even access the website because of how many people were on it to complain. We know someone who is friends with the director there, and he said he's received an insane amount of phone calls of pissed off Gleeks.




They're going to air it again tomorrow




I now love Kansas.

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Here's the article from the Wichita Eagle (Newspaper).

WICHITA — Fans of “Glee” were enjoying the final number on the show — a rendition of Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” — when the show cut off and the 9 p.m. news started on Fox Kansas.


General manger Jeff McCausland spent much of his time Wednesday dealing with the fallout.


“I’ve had better days,” he says.


A number of things happened to cause the problem.


First “American Idol” ran long. Then, “Glee” ran a tad long. To preempt the way Fox’s news show comes on would have taken some coordination with Fox partner KWCH, Channel 12, to adjust for the timing.


“It was just kind of the perfect storm,” McCausland says.


Nationally there were problems, too, he says. Most people only set their DVRs to record for an hour, so they missed the end as well.


The show will be rebroadcast nationally on Friday. In Wichita, it will be on at 8 p.m.


“If there’s a bright spot, there’s a lot of very passionate fans,” McCausland says, “. . . which means the show is doing very well from a viewer standpoint.”




Read more: http://blogs.kansas.com/haveyouheard/2010/04/21/glee-fans-less-than-gleeful-over-fox-broadcast/#ixzz0lssJBtIt

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Yes, we remember them announcing on Idol it would be " probably be a long one," and we then decided to watch GLEE and tape "Lost," not the other way around as originally planned. Fortunately, "Lost" wasn't affected (on ABC) by the off-timing that FOX had going there.


Ah well, remember there's (eventually) the DVD which will probably be out by.... summer?



(And good to read they're planning to re-broadcast it tomorrow night, nationally. Must check and see if we're going to get it up here. I might tape it, just to enjoy it over and over and over and.... )


Edit: Just checked - on FOX, Friday/23rd - 9 pm ET/PT - WOO HOO! (It replaces "KItchen Nightmares".)

Edited by Nrthwnd
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^ I'm just thrilled I get another chance to see it again so soon, heh heh!


And will tape it and replay again and again and again and... until the next DVD of the show comes out, LOL.


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Ok, so I watched this show for the first time last night.


I have seen all of you talking about it forever and it's always in everyone's facebook status' so I figured I'd give it a shot. Now obviously I have no idea of all the back stories and bigger plot points going on, but what I did see kept me engaged and even had me smiling and singing along.


Are all of the episodes like this? With one style or artist? Lots of musical numbers? I have no clue! I like Madonna, so not sure how I would do on other episodes but I guess I'll try another episode and maybe at some point try to get caught up.

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I felt this was the best epsiode of Glee yet! I was glad that this episode redeemed my interest in the show because after the opener and the lat few episodes before the break I was starting to lose interest. I liked how they sang a decent variety of Madonna's songs and not just the mega hits.

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Here's the track list for the new cd, if anyone's interested: http://www.gleetastic.com/articles/glee-soundtrack-volume-3-tracklist-revealed

Bad Romance has the potential to be really amazing!


And PerezHilton.com is reporting that Britney Spears is interested in an all-Britney episode.


Interesting...I think I would actually like that.

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Considering the vast VAST "world-wide song book" they get to choose from and style songs for the cast, I find it remarkably kool that whatever they end up choosing and using for whichever individual and/or group of the cast to sing... it usually works out well. And sometimes even better than what the original song sounded like. Then, the CD comes out and you get to hear full-out versions of the songs that were only maybe sampled in each episode. I love that about the CDs.


That said, I hope they don't start making too many episodes or "every other episode" artist-specific, like Spears or Lady Ga Ga. The Madonna one was great, and it should remain a standout (so far) in their current set of episodes. But I still like it that for the most part, we never really know (unless we look it up ahead of time, etc.) what they're going to be singing/performing... until the episode airs.


I like the (sometimes) looseness and variation of how the numbers and sampled numbers are 'fit' into some storylines etc.


Artist-specific episodes are fine, if they can pull it off like the did with the Madonna one.


But only a few more, please?


Ooo! Ooo! How about Prince???




(And - Post # 5555 - woo hoo!)

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