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Yeah, I was a little bummed out about that.


The release date wasn't exactly well-timed, IMhO.


But it might have to do with copyright dates, and/or timing of the episodes being aired, etc. They might be taking us all the way up to a (I hope) Totally Epic Holiday Episode! Or not. Who knows?


Hey - I'm gonna get the dvd anyway, heh heh!


"My First New Year's Purchase"

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^I heart Jane Lynch! She is wonderful in Best in Show as well as A Mighty Wind. I also was pleasantly surprised to see her in Julie and Julia and now Glee!


I have been very up and down with this show. I started out loving it, then was over the ridiculous storylines, and now am back on board.

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Did you TiVo it while you were in Florida?


I had a Glee marathon when I got back since i hadn't watched three episodes.


Totally! I love the rediculous story lines, because they always swing around to point to something serious. Plus - I love telling someone that they have the eyes of a "Bush Baby" and seeing the look of incomprehension on their faces.


I won't call myself a Gleek though, because Gleek was the pet monkey of the Wonder Twins onthe Superfriends. I might be a dork, but I'm not a purple monkey.

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I think Fox was smart to make this show. There's nothing else like it out there on television right now. It has a storyline and adds music, and considering one of the top viewed shows on television right now is American Idol, why not use music, it makes so much sense.


Anyways, I'm in LOVE with this show, I could care less if it has ridiculous story lines, it's still a great story.


This and The Good Wife, are my 2 new fav. shows this season.

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^Wouldn't really seem right to me unless they had Idina Menzel as a cameo too (Rachel's biological mother? I don't think they showed a picture of her and they look very much alike and they said they wanted to bring back Kristin's character for another cameo (*hint* *hint* Glee producers).


I can't stand how lea Michelle starts the song off, but I do like how the song ends up with Lea and the gay boy (will never remember his name) harmonizing. Of course doesn't hurt that I belt this song every chance I get in my car...




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^ Yeah Lea's voice is becoming really old to me right now, they need to switch it up and bring more songs by the black girl, the mohawk kid, in. Lea's singing is exactly the same in every song, I'm getting tired of seeing the same facial expressions and dance moves, they need to add more variety.

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