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GLEE > High School Musical




More accessible for anyone and everyone to watch and enjoy.


But - the Road to Regionals doesn't start until...... April*???




(*What I read somewhere. Sadly. Oh well, more time spent with the DVD when it's released, end of the month.)

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^ Yeah, it was one of those 'awkward' GLEE moments. And realistically, it probably wouldn't have happned.


Fortunately, it worked for me, as the whole thing was based on the club's Play List being leaked and snatched up by the other teams. Good old Sue, heh heh.


This show has to have taken one to more bizarrely and rather eek-filled those-kind-of-moments and situations, than I can ever remember, from any other series in the past. Comedy, Dramedy, etc.


Well, maybe Arrested Development comes close, but hey, this comes with songs & dance & well-intentioned attitude!



It was a great first season finale, and the song they picked for the group to do, with the Award there (woo hoo!) and all..... ("My Life Would Suck Without You"......love it) was really good, well choeographed and I can't wait to re-hear that on CD 2 out now.


Oh well, until April 13 then, we wait with antici...................pation... for. More.

(Thanks RCFreak for that info.)

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Lea Michele (Rachel) definitely has "the voice" for such numbers as "Don't Rain..."


I've loved hearing her voice ever since I heard her on the "Spring Awakening" Broadway cast CD. Then, we got a bit of how good she really was on that year's TONYS (2007) when they did a medley from the production and she opened it with "Mama Who Bore Me." And the musical won for Best Musical, of course.


Beautiful voice. But sometimes, I think I prefer hearing her more, when she's been given softer, more nuanced numbers to perform. She can belt it out, and "Don't Rain..." certainly proved that. But I hope they give her some more "lower volumne" stuff to sing in the upcoming episodes.



Man, do we really have to wait till APRIL for "The Road to Regionals"?


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I was hoping they'd have some of "exchange certificate" for the DVD since it wasn't coming out till the 29th. Not to be. Ah well.


Ordered the GLEE DVD a few minutes ago, from Amazon.


And now listening to "And I am Telling You I'm Not Going" sung by Amber Riley / Mercedes. Off the Season One Volume 2 CD.


Mmmm. Whatta voice. Whatta lot of voices! Mmmm.


Fabulous cast and they deserve every award they can pull in, in the coming year, not to mention the writers, the orchestrators, the producers...


GLEE will ROCK in 2010!

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And further to add, since I love this show so much, more and more...


Am now Listening to Cory Monteith / Finn knock "I'll Stand By You" out of the friggin' proverbial ballpark...on the Volume 2 CD of GLEE...


"Nice BC boy makes really good" (it's true he's from the Vancouver area!), just as good as Lea Michele (or any of these wonderful actors, really) in their chameleon ability to take a number and totally own it - also thanks to great orchestrating, directing, choreography etc.


I am in bliss with GLEE - and its not all Lea. It's Cory, Amber, Chris, Jayma, Mark, Dianna, Matthew, Kevin, Jenna, and even non-singing Jane Lynch / Sue too, Hah hah!


I wish them all a fabulously GLEE-ful 2010!



(Now it's "Crush" on, with the amazing Michele... )

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I really, really love Glee! I'm a huge Gleek.

My favorite character is Artie, with Kurt and Tina close behind. My favorite song they've done is Don't Rain On My Parade (Lea Michele has such an incredible voice!) I also really enjoyed Imagine.

I can't believe it won't be on again for three whole months! I'll just have to watch my DVD over and over again until April...


(Wow, my first post on TPR and it's about Glee. *Facepalm*)

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"It's just -


- a little Crush..."




Just looove some of these numbers. I think the best part of the 2 cast soundtrack CDs now available, is that with the music/songs taken out of the show's context, it shows how really talented the cast - and the orchestrators and those who pick these numbers - really are.

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Yeah Finn singing to me is meh.


And in case you guys didn't know, Glee was picked up for a second season, (not to be confused with the second half of the first season playing starting in April) starting this fall and they are having open casting calls for new people starting next month. (source) including a link to the website where you can submit your own audition video.

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Well, Corey Montieth / Finn is from Victoria, BC so anything's possible for your cousin - nothing ventured..... yes?


And best of luck ("Break A Leg!") to your cousin, too,

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Bump for a


Woo Hoo!!!


GLEE won the Golden Globe (last night) as Best Comedy/Musical TV Series!


And I would hazard a guess that it was The First TV Series In A Long, Long Time to actually qualify in both genres, lol!


Congrats to the creators, cast....and dance captains, heh heh.


Now - on to Regionals in April!


Golden Globe Group hug! Waytago guys!

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This is one of the things I find very strange with the Golden Globes.

They separate the Best Actor and Actress categories into Drama and Comedy/Musical for both movies and for television.


But for both Supporting Actor and Actress, they lump together the movie and tv categories, so not only was Lynch competing against supporting actresses in Drama (and that's who won, one of the actresses from the tv series Big Love), but the movies as well.


Definitely apples and oranges to be sure, unfairly.

Edited by Nrthwnd
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