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Everything moose posted ^^^.


I was surprised how they did 'Gravity' after hearing the blended track online. But that's okay. Minor detail.


It rocked, from Kurt's sweet dad, to (dare I say) Sweet Sue reading to her sister.


One of the most touching episodes, so far.

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Well, at least they are starting to dive into the other charecters stories and such, even though it wasn;t very much. Y'all take note that its just starting and there is plenty of time to develop all the charecters and have them all featured musically.

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Anyone else have the Glee album? I've been loving it since I bought it, I just can't get enough of it! And they have volume 2 already online for pre-order.


If you could suggest a song for the cast to sing what would it be? If a solo or duet, who should sing it?


I would love to here them sing Seasons of Love from Rent, Ain't No Mountain High Enough, What Kind of Man Would I Be, and a broadway song that can fit with the show just to name a few.

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Something from "Avenue Q" would be great to hear from them, in context of whatever plotline is going on at the time, of course...


It Sucks To Be Me


Everyone's A Little Bit Racist


There's a Fine Fine Line



Could work.

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^I love It's a fine fine line. So much so I bought the song on Itunes when I got home from seeing the show.


I could see the football players singing the internet is for porn. Except for the whole fact that the show is in network primetime. Unfortunately, most Avenue Q songs are probably a bit to risque.

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I'm sort of waiting for "the other shoe to drop" and have one of these wierd and generally unlikeable characters we've been seeing (Mrs. Shuster, the Coach, the other Cheerios)... suddenly blow the television set up with an amazing number, orchestrated just for them.


Sue too. Sue's gotta get "that number," hmmm?


Just an observation.

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I teared up more than a few times, especially during the last half of the episode.


And my my, somebody should try and figure out an Ensemble Category in the EMMYs for this show! I mean, they were all so very very good last night. Everybody. Even Sue, heh heh.


Excellent finale. Now, on to Regionals!!!


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