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CARS! The Car Super Thread

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2000 Chevy Malibu LS. Power seats, cruise control, leather interior, and not to mention an awesome v6 you would never expect to see in a mid-sized sedan.


Oh, but I would expect it. Hopefully in two months, mine will get a little louder when I put a CAI on. LAst friday a Caddy kept reving it's engine, I thought about going with it, but was too tired, the poor fool squeled his tires for no reason.

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We just had a new addition to our family...a silver 2005 Toyota Corolla XRS. Six-speed manual transmission, 180HP engine. That sucker's fun to drive.


And it's for Diana---aka Penelope Pitstop.




P.S. And, yes, she knows how to drive it!

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I don't think there is a Cadillac on earth that would lose to a Malibu assuming the driver of the Cadillac didn't really f up or something


I really want to find out. I think this model caddy was made for just riding and not racing like the high performance model caddy. Plus my car isn't exaxtly stock. I can redline and I got some umph to my go. Plus you got power to weight to figure. I may only have 140 horses at the wheel but I only weigh probably about 3k pounds. The car looked like deville, which probably had 275hp at the engine, so you lose 10 to 15% at the wheel and weighs about 4k pounds. Plus it probalby had a stock pcm, which means it rev limiter. Plus I only goto speed limit or 10 above, I stop there, unless I take it to a track. Plus you would be surprised what a malibu could do. Honda's, mustangs, and others have fallen to some malibus (1997-2003 years). edit After talking to some people. I probably could have kept up, but not beaten. Oh well.


Plus this helps a little (a friends malibu)


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spaceace - I tell you what, if you are ever in Georgia, I'll take you where we can race safely. I'll bring the Cadillac and we'll see who will win. I will even let the computer shift, and it's just an SUV - not even a V model or anything. Just a NorthstarV8


OOOH! OOH! I'll bring the Civic!

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I got a black 07 V6 Mazda6 for my birthday this year I love it and its pretty fast stock. But so far i have added yellow fog lights, blacked out the front grill, added an intake and suspension. I'm going to add a turbo hopefully some time soon. I'm saving up for it.

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