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CARS! The Car Super Thread

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I guess I'm boring!


I drive a 2007 "liquid grey" Ford Focus SE. Only weird thing I did to is put some Superman carpets in it.


Great car, no problems and is great in winter (important here!). The dealer even gave me heated seats and heated side mirrors (perfect in winter).

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I got a new Toy


its a project, but mechnically its done, may add headers, but thats it, its in pretty decent shape to


1976 Camaro


And the heart, and why I got the car, amazing engine, 5.7 350


Here's the side of the Camaro

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Brakes are way underpowered, if I got bigger wheels, I could get Corvette calipers.

Seriously? Cmon.. few cars need big brakes... yet alone a Malibu... I'm sure you'll get by with the stock assembly


I will get by, but they are so horrible designed, the pedal is soft as can be (and I have replaced calipers and pads and bled the system). I have driven quite a few cars that all have 10 times better brakes (Chevy Colorado {whiplash stopping}, Ford Crown Vics and Grand Marquis, Ecoline vans {wheelchair style}, Grand Am, and virtually all the cars I have driven have had better designed brakes). And it isn't just me, it is all my friends who own malibus, some have even swapped rear brakes from Aleros to have rear discs (helped in stopping distances). My next car won't be a Malibu anyway, I am done with them unless I can afford a brand new car, then I am going with a new Camry or 08 Malibu.

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Ummmm....you dont lose break fluid with a leaking master cylinder. The seals in the master go bad and allow fluid to get past them causing a loss of pressure and "spongey" pedal feeling. You should have a mechanic check it out. Also how many pot brakes are you running?

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Well the thing is, that I have driven perfectly fine 2000 malibu and the brake pedal felt the same way, so I am sure that there is nothing wrong with it. It was my friends and he knows when something is wrong with his car.


anyway, if anyone ever considers getting a 97-03 malibu, have it checked out, I didn't and paid dearly.


2 lower intake manifold gasketts replaced

2 wheel hubs for the front, they contain both the abs sensor and wheel bearing

one caliper had a rip in the dust boot, so I replaced both.


That was 1400 in repairs in two years alone, I am ready to get rid of it.

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Well the thing is, that I have driven perfectly fine 2000 malibu and the brake pedal felt the same way, so I am sure that there is nothing wrong with it.


Yes there is. It's American made!


why my next car is a Pontiac Vibe, American Body name, Toyota Drivetrain!.

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Washed and cleaned out the E today, took me two hours! My god I love this car.


And my amazing bent rim. The end!


Another angle. Its always satisfactory to drive a really clean car.


Yay all clean. Notice the damage to my quarterpanel. Thank a 20-year-old tire for that.


These rims are a b*tch to clean. NOTHING can get the dust off of them, nothing!


You might think that washing this car is easy because its a box, but christ it takes me twice as long to wash this than my Buick did!


All this junk I need to take upstairs at home, but I assure you its clean back there now!


The interior usually looks like this, but I had to throw some trash away and vaccume the floor mats and floor itself.


Before the vaccume process. It doesn't look it but it's really dirty!


Oh....there it is! Guess everything in this pile and win a prize!


Where'd everything go?!

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2001 VW Jetta 1.8T 5 spd. It's my baby, I've done a couple of mods to make driving it more enjoyable than it already was.

APR Chip: +50hp +90lbs torque. Stock/93 Octane/101 Octane programs

Forge007 Diverter Valve: Handles the increased boost pressure from the chip

Velocity Cold Air Intake (Not seeing a whole lot of benefit, may sell)

Apex Cup Kit: 1.7in drop, much better cornering

Mille Migila 11-2 17" Wheels with Avon M-Tech 550 tires. Just got the tires 2 months ago and they are amazing! I highly recommend them

Valentine1 with custom hidden display in dash ...Saved me a couple.

very nice. are you finished modding the jetta?
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Here's mine. Its a 02 Nissan Sentra Spec-V. I also did some modding. It looks stock from the outside. But....

intake, header, exhaust, bsr, clutch & lightened flywheel, short throw shifter, cams, port & polish upper & lower intake manifold, ported throttlebody, port match throttlebody spacer, port matched intake mani spacer, apexi SAFC, coilovers, 4-pt ltb, 4-pt trunk brace, BFGoodrich Gforce, techone HID's, might of missed some mods lol! I also have the V1, saved my a$$ several times.


TBI: extrude honed head (P&P), valve springs, multilayer headgasket, CF hood. more cosmetic mods later. you know rims & such.... Oh yeah, Aloha from Hawaii!

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