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CARS! The Car Super Thread

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I've got a 1997 Pontiac Grand AM GT. 5spd w/2.4L. It's a little pimped: The Battery's in the truck (did that to make room for the K&N cold-air intake via a kit from Summit Racing Supply). Dual Thrush glasspacks exhaust. Dash highlights done w/Krylon Fusion paint (blue). Will be going to a larger APC wing kit and lowered body kit in the future.

She's currently running w/Bridgestone Pontenza's.

Mid-life crisis?

Nah, I've always wanted my own full-size Hot Wheels car.

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2001 VW Jetta 1.8T 5 spd. It's my baby, I've done a couple of mods to make driving it more enjoyable than it already was.

APR Chip: +50hp +90lbs torque. Stock/93 Octane/101 Octane programs

Forge007 Diverter Valve: Handles the increased boost pressure from the chip

Velocity Cold Air Intake (Not seeing a whole lot of benefit, may sell)

Apex Cup Kit: 1.7in drop, much better cornering

Mille Migila 11-2 17" Wheels with Avon M-Tech 550 tires. Just got the tires 2 months ago and they are amazing! I highly recommend them

Valentine1 with custom hidden display in dash ...Saved me a couple.


It's nice having a jeweler in the family when you need to hollow out your dash.


To the side



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wow...my car sucks compared to all of these. especially now that I have to bring it to the shop and get the water pump replaced.


a lovely old lady car, don'tcha think?

no radio, side window broken, water pump shot, tire with a slow leak. oh yeah! ghetto fabulous!

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My ride is a 2002 Honda CR-V, tan---er, Mojave Mist as Honda calls it.


My wife drives a 2003 Toyota Highlander, dark blue---er Bluestone Metallic as Toyota calls it.


Diana wants a pink Honda S2000. Honda doesn't have a name for that color...



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