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The Restraint Discussion Thread

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I searched and didn't find anything about this so here is the idea. This thread is for discussing roller coaster restraints. What is your favorite, least favorite and why?


I personally like all the different manufacturers and types, except arrow OTSR's. They never close all the way to your chest, are mounted too low and always seem to come back to the station looser than you left with them.

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Oh, my gosh. I love this thread.


My favorite restraints are the B&M clamshells because they feel like they are only sitting on your lap. My least favorite are...well, I didn't like the restraints on Cobra at La Ronde because it felt lopsided.


I've never been on an Intamin hyper, but those lap bars (like on Millenium Force) seem really comfortable.

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I have only been on the Vekoma flyers, and I did not feel at all comfortable or secure in them, not had the pleasure of a B & M flyer yet.


Arrow's aren't that bad if you know when to brace yourself for the sudden transitions.


But the best by far are the classic Schwarzkopf single lap bars like sooperdooperLooper and the shuttles!

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Favorite: Single position lap bars/buzz bars. They really make a difference! I especially like it when there's no seatbelt.

Example: Giant Dipper at SCBB. Now I need to get on some Coaster Classics! (I'm guessing the Giant Dipper failed the Classic requirements because although there are no headrests or seatbelts, there is a seat divider. Is that the reason?)


Least favorite: OTSRs on traditional sit-down cars, especially on Arrow coasters. I have a strong preference and habit of putting my hands straight up on every ride, and I've found on Arrows it's either painful (my arm gets caught between the restraint and the side of the car) or entirely impossible.

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Diamondback in Kings Island. No questions asked.




You get insane airtime on every hill, the second one in particular.

With only a lap bar to restrain you and with stadium seating, you have a perfect view of the drops and you feel like you're flying on every one!


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As for wooden coasters...


Best: Hoosier Hurricane and Cornball's buzz bar


Worst: Kings Island's wooden coasters lap bars.


The Racers at King's Island really shake me. It is 35 years old though and supposedly brought back the second era of coasters, but I digress.


I don't mind the handlebars on the Beast, but that's just me.

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Best: Every Lapbar Ever. This Includes but is not limited to:


Buzz Bars

The Premier Spaghetti Bowl Saviors

Big Fun Intamin Coasters

Schwarzkopf Loopers



And the best, most open, most capacity efficient restraints ever: B&M Hypers


Worst: Several choices here, but I'll give a nod to the restraints on the Fly-O-Plane at Lake Winnie. After your door locks, you have nothing but this really really tight and skinny seatbelt that digs into your hips the whole time you're upside down. Super super painful fun.

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My least favorite are those terrible OTSR's on Revolution at SFMM.


My favorite are the adjustable restraints on X2. They are always a perfect fit and I feel very secure in them. I also like that they feel like you are putting a backpack on LoL.



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