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The Restraint Discussion Thread

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Favorite OTSR:

Intamin Launch-coasters: luv them..They're so soft!


anyone agrees?


I have to disagree with you.


Intamin OSTRs rape perfectly good rides. Stormrunner, Fahrenheit, and Maverick could be so much more enjoyable if there was nothing killing your thighs or side of your head/neck. I have said this before but it needs repeating, Intamin is better than this. For me personally, I get my neck bashed and my thighs killed on every ride that has this type of restraint.


Heck the restraints are the reason that I don't like Maverick that much. Does anyone else feel the same way I do?


I partially agree with MagicMountainMan. I feel that during the ride that the restraint will get tighter with the forces pushing down on it. On Fahrenheit and Storm Runner the restraint did start to squish my thighs, and it became somewhat uncomfortable.


Now I wouldn't go as far as saying that it ruined the rides for me, and it didn't really affect the overall experience for either of them. Both of the rides are actually in my top 5.


The restraints do have room for improvement, but for the time being I would say that compared to many of types of restraints on rides that Intamin OTSR could be a lot worse.

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I usually don't like OTSRs because they are a little loose when I ride.


If I close them one more notch it will be WAY too tight. And if I don't close it so it is super tight then it is too loose and I get WAY too much airtime.


That's actually not a bad thing getting airtime, but it makes me feel like I am going to slide out or something.

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Oh god, Premier Rides such as Flight of Fear (Kings Dominion), and Round About (Freestyle Music Park) have the worst leg cramping, hard to get into, awful restraints ever. I really am a fan of all B&M Restraints, except for that of Time Machine's (Freestyle Music Park) restraints which do not give enough elbow space between riders.

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