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  1. So I have July fifth off for my job because I do not work monays. Me and my friends were thinking about going to hershey for the day because we all haev the day off. However we were wondering how busy it would be considering it's hershey on the day after the fourth of july. Any help would be apreciated!
  2. I rode little titans at Mt. Olympus. To be fair, back then there was no height restriction.
  3. Well I could see how Cedar Point would be affected. When this happened my dad informed me that someone dorwned at cedar point...
  4. I read an article lately that said alot of projects in dubai, not only theme parks but all projects have been canceled or put on hold due to lack of funding. The economic bubble is supposedly going to burst in dubai very quickly and unexpectedly. I'm beginning to think that if any parks are going to follow through wiith these projects its going to be ahuge loss.
  5. Alright so this isn't really a haha GP statement but more of a crazy, defensive, over reactive GP. So in line for farenheit this girl was like that lift looks really freaky, but not in a terrified tone. This guy behind her screams, " I RODE TOP THRILL DRAGSTER THEY SHOOT YOU RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE 400 FEET STRAIGHT UP AT 120 MPH! THIS IS NOT SCARY!" I personally find vertical lifts scarier than launchs, but this guy was kinda nuts.
  6. Well I have heard, and do believe it is due to the supports they use. To build something over the height they have done before would require them to change supports, use more of them, or simply change their track style due to the forces that would come up and the increased height.
  7. This is just a theory that popped into my head in the car, and i'm sorry if this has already been mentioned, but could the reinforced track mean greater than 2 across seating? Could we see B&M four across style seating?
  8. I would think lap bars would make it more comfortable... Anyway those Blue Fire restraints look amazing!
  9. ^ I seem to remember there being go-karts on Hunt's Pier.
  10. Floorless coasters are above the track and the floor drops out from beneath them. http://z.about.com/d/themeparks/1/0/3/b/SFGAdv52.jpg See how it's above the track but has no floor?
  11. Isn't this already being dicussed? http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=46306&highlight=bizarro+medusa+superman
  12. HaHa on me they always seem deathly tight or a notch too loose.
  13. ^^ Do you have a picture of these wonder restraints I really want to see them now! O and I don't think I have experienced anything less than crushing G-forces on a shwartzkopf (sp) much less hang time!
  14. Twizzler, you have only ridden one floorless coaster, inverts hang below the track. You have ridden many inverts, but only one definition floorless.
  15. ^ Those restraints are so weird, they don't even come cclose to your lap. It seems like all the force would indeed slam into your chest.
  16. I personally like the Millenium Flyers but my bro likes to hold on and since he can't he hates them! On Great American Scream Machine at SFGadv I get so banged up since the restraints are so loose that the major hangtime in the loops causes you to fall into them hard.
  17. Well if were are including floorless dive machines I would have Griffon on top. I will not include it though so I favor Medusa (east) and then Hydra.
  18. How come cedar fair put seat-belts on all their arrow restraints? Is there an actually safety issue or just to make the capacity lower?
  19. I have a question that I always wondered, pertainging to stadium seating. How is Griffon as confortable as it is. How is it heartlined with a ten wide row and all 3 rows stadium seating on top of eachother?
  20. Well I guess I will get a little more specific. Looper- B&M gets first with Intamin following Hyper- B&M clamshell Flyer- B&M Overall- Seatbelt on Whizzer @SFGam
  21. Ugh millenium flyers have no where to comfortably hold onto! they're amazing trains but hand holds for the less confident coaster riders would be an extra bonus.
  22. Well I always thought the breaking on KK was a little more comfy than TTD due to the OTSR's. Since I don't really mind the intamin OTSR's KK was great for me, with the more comfy breaking.
  23. Those OTSR's never really bothered me, I always felt more free on the intamins than on the B&M;s. I feel like the jerky transitions would bash you around no matter what.
  24. I searched and didn't find anything about this so here is the idea. This thread is for discussing roller coaster restraints. What is your favorite, least favorite and why? I personally like all the different manufacturers and types, except arrow OTSR's. They never close all the way to your chest, are mounted too low and always seem to come back to the station looser than you left with them.
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