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Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Discussion Thread

p. 148 - Magic Kingdom Destination D23 news roundup!

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So yesterday Robb and I trekked out to the Magic Kingdom to send off Dumbo which ceases operation in its original location this coming Sunday to be refurbished and readied to join its counter-clockwise counterpart in the Storybook Circus later this year. While there, we also paid a visit to Snow White's Scary Adventures, which closes later this year to make way for the Princess Fantasy Faire meet & greets as a part of the New Fantasyland expansion. We even took the time to ride Big Thunder Mountain (with a fast pass) as it also closes for a near four month refurbishment this coming Sunday as well!



A minor construction fence has been put up near the exit of the former Fantasyland Skyway building, which more recently has served as stroller parking for the area. Construction should pick up soon on the creation of a new path between the exit of the Haunted Mansion and the Skyway building to help reduce the bottlenecking of crowds under the Columbia Harbor House bridge.


So this was our main reason to visit today!


For Larry.


Again, for Larry.


Some of the first pieces of ornamental stonework on the castle retaining wall near Dumbo's current location have arrived.


D23 recently confirmed that New Fantasyland will have The Little Mermaid, Be Our Guest, Gaston's Tavern and more opened in time for Summer 2012, though Storybook Circus is expected to open a little earlier than that.


The Dumbo queue has a few little pieces that I guess were placed to entertain the young ones while waiting.


It is a little weathered.


Maurice's Cottage has less scaffolding now, indicating that workers are nearing completion on this experience's facade.


Back to thinking of Larry.


Framing of the lift tower at the Barnstormer continues.


This will be the last time we see Dumbo operating in this corner of Fantasyland.


This spinner will return later in 2012 with a similar look to the one already being installed in the Storybook Circus.


These pinwheel spinners won't survive the move.


The finished "control tower" for the Barnstormer has emerged from behind scaffolding with a new look and paint scheme.


Robb was ejected from the game.


In case you were wondering how not to sit.


While Mr. Stork will return on the new version of the ride, he won't be found in the form of a hanging ornament.


In case you forget what we were covering today.


Dumbo is a classic like Jaws... It'd never get removed.



I may need to rethink that statement for future use.


Filming the awesome video you see above!


A more recent benefit of riding Dumbo in this location? It provides an amazing view of the work going in to bring New Fantasyland to life!


I think I just encountered a paradox. I'm riding Dumbo, looking at Dumbo. Our world just might implode.


See that giant trench they're working on? That will eventually be the Snow White Mine Train Coaster!


Are you still mourning the loss of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or of Pooh's Playful Spot? Based on this, I'd say we're getting something a bit more grand.


Beast's Castle is still looking good as the scaffolding is slowly lowered.


The inner seal of the two Storybook Circus tents has been completed. Now they'll begin work on the interior as they also work to raise the exterior tent.


So, there is at least one more casualty to Fantasyland thanks to New Fantasyland.


The original focus of Snow White's Scary Adventures was to put the guest in Snow White's role. The title character's appearances in the ride were added later on to reduce confusion from guests looking to see her in the ride.


Could you see yourself in Snow White's role?


The things we do for you all...


Belle's Village is looking great!


It looks like the cavern doors of the Be Our Guest Restaurant are currently being framed.


It is still hard to believe that this castle was one of the first pieces of theming added to the new land.


Snow White's Scary Adventures features a classic loading station mural like many of Fantasyland dark rides. I'm hoping they'll find a way to preserve it once the ride is removed.


So much Disney detail...


Let's take a ride for ourselves!


Rounding the wishing well...


I spot a jealous witch!


Mirror, mirror on the wall...


The ride's classic finish.


Is it time to say farewell?




Dopey waves goodbye from the top of the bridge you pass under before exiting the ride.


Time for a closer look at this corner of New Fantasyland.


The external framing that was added to the Toontown tents is now complete.


This is definitely a new mountain range for Walt Disney World!


This corner of the Be Our Guest Restaurant has received a little more work.


Rockwork finishing continues on the facade for the The Little Mermaid.


Not much new over at Prince Eric's castle...

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There was no shortage of workers visible on site.


It looks like we'll be seeing a completed facade for the new Dumbo interactive queue building soon.


Time for an overview of the New Fantasyland/Storybook Circus expansion.


Fastpasses for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh are currently being distributed at Mickey's Philharmagic.


Exciting news? New from New Fantasyland has appeared in a corner by the Mad Tea Party. Notice the horseshoe prints and carriage tracks left behind.


The caverns are still growing outward. Notice the rock work on the bridge from Prince Eric's castle is coming along nicely.


If you look closely, you can see a few of the Dumbos that have been installed on the new spinner. The ride began very early testing this week.


Scuttle's Scavenger Hunt will take place in the right side of the caverns. There should also be restrooms located here.


The ride is far less ornamental than the version currently found in Fantasyland.


Lots of work still to be done.


The first stonework has appeared from behind the scrims of the castle retaining wall near the current Fantasyland Dumbo location.


Timothy Mouse won't be returning as a part of the new Dumbo experience in Storybook Circus.


A few 40th anniversary shirts for the Haunted Mansion are currently for sale.


They feature elements from the new interactive queue as well as some more iconic images from the classic attraction.


We also braved Big Thunder Mountain Railroad despite the crowds.


Do not adjust your screens.


For some reason, lights were on in the bat cave at the beginning of the first lift hill.


Big Thunder Mountain is still an awesome coaster!


What's not to love?


It was a nice day at the Thunder Mesa.


Yay for airtime!


Take the Tunnel!


We should see the railroad cross ties return following this ride's lengthy refurbishment.


We can't wait to see how the ride looks when it returns on April 27th, 2012!


The Mainstreet Bakery is currently open but behind tarps for a facade refurbishment.


This awesome deal for Florida Residents has returned!

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Thanks for the look at all the work being done on Fantasyland. I'm glad this section of the Magic Kingdom is finally getting a significant upgrade, as it really is the "heart" of that park.

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I always find it kind of odd how popular Dumbo is...maybe it's not the character so much as it is just the flat ride that kids like. Do kids watch the movie that religiously? Is it even available on DVD/Blu ray?


I hope Snow White's Scary Adventures finds its way to Wild Bill's Nostalgia Center someday.


Thanks for the video and pics!

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This thread makes me sad just for the reason that Florida's Magic, Memories and You looks so much more awesome than ours. I mean, the small world reflections are nice... but the castle... that's just awesome! I am very jealous as that Valentines presentation(and really everything I have ever seen from the show over there) is absolutely stunning.

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Just in case anyone hasn't heard, AVOID THE MAGIC KINGDOM AT ALL COSTS ON THURSDAY!


President Obama will be giving a closed speech on Main Street which will result in all of Main Street (including shops/eateries) closed from opening till mid-afternoon.


I can only imagine what Bag Check will look like!

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Here is the live stream. I suspect it won't be anything more than propaganda.



Edit: The talking points were expanding the countries that are allowed to travel to the US without Visas, expanding the global entry programs through customs (they allow you to get through customs quicker) , and I'm pretty sure at some point Obama said he wanted more Brazilian tour groups.



I wonder what fast passes he picked up this morning before the speech?

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This thread makes me sad just for the reason that Florida's Magic, Memories and You looks so much more awesome than ours. I mean, the small world reflections are nice... but the castle... that's just awesome! I am very jealous as that Valentines presentation(and really everything I have ever seen from the show over there) is absolutely stunning.

Well, to be fair, Magic Kingdom has a castle to do this kind of show on.

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