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Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Discussion Thread

p. 149 - Tiana's Bayou Adventure opening on June 28th!

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These interactive games are popping up everywhere and seem like a lot of fun. I also probably wouldn't take the time to play them but if I was a local and had a chance to visit the park on a regular basis I'd try it out just to see what it is all about. The game isn;t going to be an upcharge is it? Seems like Disney has never been a fan of the upcharge attraction other than special tours.


At first I didn't even notice BTMR was missing it's cross ties in that picture, but after I noticed it it does look a little strange, hopefully they get replaced like Adam said during the rehab.


I'm sure the Fantasyland expansion is going to be great, but I just can't get very excited about it. Hopefully the 7 Dwarves mine coaster will be a surprise hit but my expectations are fairly low for it being anything other than just a fun but fairly tame family coaster.

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I'm probably looking at the photo wrong, but how does BTMRR have upstop wheels? It almost looks like the track ties are welded to the bottom of the rails instead of the sides like the typical "Arrow-style" track.


But enough being a nerd. Hopefully they powerwash all of that dirt that's accumulated under those old ties!

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Tonight we did Magic Kingdom's Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! Here's some photos....


Tonight, TPR is at the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!


The Christmas party isn't just about Santa... Bring on the princesses!


This is why we love the Magic Kingdom seasonal events! Big Thunder was a walk-on!


When one pineapple Dole Whip isnt enough!


When you see this sign, you get free holiday treats!


What ride are we in? Correct answer may win you a bag-o-crap!


Christmas Space Mountain!


This is why we love Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!


"Hi Disneyland, how's it going?"


Disneyland castle... p0wned!!!


The new Magic Kingdom castle projection show was very impressive! This similar technology was also used at HHN to make the buildings crumble down. This was VERY impressive!!!


For Christmas, they turn the castle into a gingerbread house!


Look! A candy cane castle!


Oh god, no!!! Not THAT castle!!! Not again!!


The Christmas Wishes fireworks show was pretty awesome!


Magic Kingdom certainly knows how to put on an impressive "fireworks in the round" show!


Free Ghirardelli peppermint bark at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!


Yup, Robb fits right in with the "bears!"


For all the theme park dorks out there, they have created "nerd Mickey!"


We end our night at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party with the parade!


It's Mickey, Minnie, and ... OMG ... Duffy!


And the real star of the party... Santa Claus!


Look! It's snowing in Central Florida!


Goodnight Magic Kingdom! See you again next Christmas!

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I very much like this event, but I do prefer Halloween Party. Probably because I like Halloween more than Christmas, but they're both very solid events.


One thing to note, this year they had fresh, soft Snickerdoodle cookies instead of the past years terrible sugar cookies. As many as you can eat all included in the price...YUM!!!!

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One thing to note, this year they had fresh, soft Snickerdoodle cookies instead of the past years terrible sugar cookies. As many as you can eat all included in the price...YUM!!!!


Fresh, hot snickerdoodles are the COOKIES OF THE GODS! Yeah, I definitely have to have the Florida Christmas experience some day--maybe in 2012.

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The projections on the castle are awesome! (As were the "crumbling buildings" at HHN.) So cool to see that the technology is going to be in ever greater use at theme parks.


I wonder if the Imagineers have ever pitched a full-on "Santa Mountain" overlay.

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Just another quick update from Walt Disney World, this time regarding more details appearing for the upcoming Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom interactive game.


The window between Liberty Square and Frontierland has finally been revealed.


In fitting with the theme of magical medicines, one of the station's cameras is masked by a doctor's medicine bag.


Just like with the Town Square Theater meet & greet, the Imagineers obviously had fun designing "products" for this new offering.


Is this a reference to a past film?


How about some Hamam. Extract?


It's the little details that count.


The most detailed items happen to be far in the back of the window display.


Tell me if you recognize where any of these come from or relate to!


Here is the entire display, including the screen.


Very clever!


A better look at the Frontierland Shooting Gallery station.


This is the official logo of the new game, which has been placed in front of most stations throughout the park.


Lots of fun details!


The Adventureland entrance is finally out from behind the tarps!


Tortuga Tavern has another station, this one themed around a fireplace.


It should be fun to see this in operation!


Another uniquely placed keyhole.


The little details...


Guess where we are now.


Nothing significant has changed here.


Farther into Adventureland!


This is probably the station I'm most excited to see in the game!


Can't wait!


Great to see otherwise empty spaces being put to use!


The old fire station store closed quite a while ago to prepare the building to become the base for the new game.

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Here's the thing - Small World doesn't bother me. I'm into orchestrated music. The "It's a Small World" theme has a different variation in each room, and that alone makes the tune a lot more bearable.


I miss the Firehouse already - that was the best spot to be when the Electrical Parade started!

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Yesterday I also stopped by the Magic Kingdom with some friends, and as always noticed a few new things, including more Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom work, as well as the newest developments on the New Fantasyland front!


Most recently, prep work for the Mainstreet USA section of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom has begun. Tomorrowland will be the only land in the Magic Kingdom (not including any of the New Fantasyland project) not to have the game in place.


From the inside of the shop, work has not yet begun here.


Contained along the single side alley in Mainstreet, there are several windows that will be used in this branch of the game.


And another...


This looks like it'll be a bigger set piece when complete.


Looking at that same window from inside of the store, it can be noted that the mechanism for the interactive element has been covered by a display case.


Coming from Tomorrowland, the interactive queue building for Dumbo in Storybook Circus is far more noticeable.


Work continues on one of the entry coverings for the dueling attraction to be.


Looks like they'll be ready to start detailing soon!


Work continues on the big top itself.


The centerpieces for the tents have been raised, along with the addition of several new posts being installed. These changes will supposedly allow for the tent canvases to be raised higher than they were previously.


The village near The Little Mermaid is also quickly taking shape.


The scaffolding is slowly receding from the mountain as work nears completion on the detailing of Beast's castle.


Detail is becoming more visible on Maurice's Cottage in the far left corner of New Fantasyland.


The Fantasyland retaining wall continues to rise in the area where Ariel's Grotto used to be.


In [old] Fantasyland the canopy for Prince Charming's Regal Carrousel is getting refurbished.


A look at the new framing on the Storybook Circus tent.


Another look at the carrousel.


From beneath the scrims, the carrousel still looks normal.


This corner of New Fantasyland will serve as the entrance to the realm of Beauty and the Beast. It looks to be near completion.


Awesome new signage has been added to sections of the Haunted Mansion interactive queue.


To let people know what they were supposed to do with this section...


A new Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom window has popped up on the other side of Liberty Square.


Not much else next to the window, at least as of now.


There are almost now cross ties left on Big Thunder Mountain.


It is interesting to see the ride's track so clearly.




Not sure how I hadn't noticed it previously, but the holiday decorations are now up on Mainstreet USA.

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It's really fascinating watching this all take shape... I can't wait to see Fantasyland when it's done, it already looks amazing. I'm so excited for the Beauty and the Beast area, it's one of my favorite movies of all time... I feel as excited about it as Harry Potter fans must feel about HP Land at IoA.


Thanks for all these updates!

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This expansion is really coming together quickly. Ever since the demise of 20k, I've always felt that area needed

something big -- it just felt vacant.... This really fixes that problem in a big way. Can't wait to see the new coaster

in action.... I'm wondering if they can make the mine train roller coaster concept feel different enough from Thunder

Mountain -- since they will be relatively close together.


Can't wait!

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