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Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Discussion Thread

p. 149 - Tiana's Bayou Adventure opening on June 28th!

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Not too bad. I'd say an 'average' day at the Magic Kingdom. The things normally that have long lines (Peter Pan, Pooh, etc.) were all under an hour and the bigger rides that normally do well are all at 15-30 minutes. Walk on rides are still walk ons, that's another way to tell if it's super crowded or not.

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That's pretty much the only reason why Carousel of progress is still there, lol! Parents take a nap while the kids watch a show about what the future holds in the year 2006.


If you need me, I'll be with the crowd of jealousness that continues to watch for updates.

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More from 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom!


16:00 to 17:00


16:05 - Another awesome ride on Space Mountain!


‎16:08 - Holy crap! Space Mountain is running totally insane today!!!


‎16:10 - LOL! No caption is even needed!


‎16:26 - We need rocket fuel!


16:32 - Getting more Space Mountain FastPasses! Why? Because we can!


16:36 - Ran into another TPR fan at Space Mountain!


16:44 - Time to recharge phones again to keep you all updated!


16:52 - Here's what the hub currently looks like. Crowds are pretty average to light today.


16:57 - Always liked the feel of Magic Kingdom's "openness" - not a fan of the cramped Disneyland layout.

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And here's 17:00-18:00--more Disney dorkiness than you can shake a stick at. Not that you'd want to shake a stick at it.


17:20 - Oh, Garbles!


17:35 - Ok, we can't be this desperate yet, can we???


17:40 - Ahh, Skippy! LIKE if you want to see XS Tech fry him!!!


18:00 - We've made it halfway!!! Only 12 hours to go!

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Behold the magical splendor that is 18:00 to 20:00!


18:08 - Should we quickly delete this disturbing photo??!!


18:13 - Riding Space Mountain again. Prolly won't be as cool as the lights on ride we had this morning.


18:18 - Another amazing Space Mountain photo!


18:26 - Dusk at the Magic Kingdom! It's finally getting a bit busier here.


18:30 - Heading into Adventureland. What should we ride?


18:35 - Jungle and Aladdin had a line, so Tiki Room it is!


18:40 - Love the 6 to 6 sign!!!


18:45 - So yeah, this is actually happening right now...


18:48 - The totem poles are still cool.


18:57 - We got a FastPass for Jungle Cruise!


19:02 - We are doing this.


19:05 - The Swiss Family Line Ride!


19:07 - Work that pole, Jake!


19:30 - It is officially night at the Magic Kingdom!


19:55 - Castle looks awesome at night!


19:59 - Time for a dinner break! Which MK resort should we go to?

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More updates! More insanity!


20:00 - 22:00



20:10 - Made it to Poly in time for Wishes!



20:15 - The REAL reason for coming to Poly!



20:15 - You know a fireworks show is awesome when it looks like this from 2 miles away!



20:40 - Took this right before we left for Poly. The park is finally getting busy!



20:43 - "Wyatt, your Castle is BLUE!!!" (First person that's gets that reference gets a Disney 24 button!)



20:58 - Time for another re-charge! LIKE if you want the updates to keep going!



21:11 - We chose 'Ohana for dinner! LIKE if you agree this place is amazing!



21:26 - Let me introduce you to 'Ohanas kitchen. It's an orgy of meat! Yum!



21:33 - Tonight's desert is guarded by this Tiki!



21:42 - I got a big effin drink in a big effin pineapple!



21:50 - These are just the appetizers at 'Ohanas!



21:53 - NOOOOOODLES!!!!



21:55 - 'Ohanas is even Vegetarian friendly!



21:59 - What 'Ohanas is all about... MEAT...and lots of it!


More to come!

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22:00 until a little after midnight..


22:05 - LIKE if you want a plate of MEEEEAAAAT!!!!


22:11 - "As long as you stay, we'll keep brining you meat!"


We have One More Disney Button! Want it? LIKE this update!!!




23:24 - Lots of people heading OUT. We like this! Do you LIKE this?


23:32 - Park is still pretty busy. This is the line for Peoplemover!


23:43 - Back on the Peoplemover again!


12:00 - Our midnight ride will be on Space Mountain! Do you LIKE that?


12:10 - Another awesome Space Mountain ride!


12:16 - After 18 hours, we still got a few silly photos in us!

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More pictures, will they last the 24 hours???


00:20 until 02:00



00:27 - Should we ride the new Skycoaster in Fantasyland?


00:32 - Nap time in Philharmagic!


00:53 - This takes me back to the Sega Genesis Aladdin game I worked on...(Yes, I'm old!)


01:12 - Continuing the trend of "Things you used to be able to do in California...but can't anymore."


01:48 - GARBLES!!! WAKE UP!!!


01:58 - Saw Country Bears at nearly 2am. We loved it! No idea why!!!


02:00 - It says "Dump!" It's only funny because it's 2am!

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more pictures


02:00 until 03:00


Looks like we have the first dropout


02:03 - It's after 2am and we are in the Jungle Cruise.


02:09 - The backside of water at 2am. Hooray!


02:19 - Castle dance party! This place is totally alive!


02:40 - Parts of the park are starting to look a little less packed now.


02:46 - Some rides will start to close soon. What should we go do next? TPR readers! Tell us!


02:52 - LIKE if you think I should wake up Renee by pouring water on her cast.


03:00 - With only 3 hours left to go, Adam has resigned, given up, and is going home. LIKE if you think he should get voted out of the Magic Kingdom!

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from 03:00 until 04:00


03:17 - Do you know the name of this location and why I took a picture of it? I'll give away a button if you answer both parts correctly.


03:19 - Here's tomorrowland at 3am!


03:23 - Time for our final Space Mountain ride!


03:28 - Love Space Mountains interactive queue!


03:34 - How do we look after 21 hours?


03:38 - Our last Space Mountain ride!


03:42 - What do you think of our final Space Mountain photo?


03:48 - LIKE if you think I should poop on Jake!


03:54 - Yup. We are this bored.


04:00 - I wonder how funny MILF will be at 4am?

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time flies

04:00 until 05:00


04:21 - Ya know... For 4am, MILF was actually quite good! I mean, I'd probably laugh at a gunshot wound at this point, so who knows!


04:26 - "Hi, I'm pink. My Pepto Bismol meter is going crAaAaaZYY!"


04:30 - Castle dance party still going strong!


04:32 - Mansion is only 15 minutes. Should we do it?


04:39 - We're on mansion. It's dark. Use your X-Ray specs to see the picture better.


04:48 - We washed our hands. This has been my favorite post so far. LIKE if you agree.


04:50 - Joey follows washing hands instructions. Gets A on test. Congrats.


04:54 - We're on the Carousel... Yup!


04:57 - I took my picture with a... um... A thing.


05:00 - ONE HOUR LEFT!!! Gonna celebrate it by taking a Pooh.

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The final hour...


05:00 until 06:00


05:07 - Get a room, you two!!!




05:17 - So, yeah... We're doing this. No line and we don't normally get to drive cars. So it's cool and unique.




05:30 - "HALF HOUR LEFT!!!"


05:40 - They did the totally bad ass castle projection show at 5:30am.


05:43 - We have decided to close out One More Disney Day in Tomorrowland, but on what ride?


05:48 - We have chosen to close out One More Disney Day on the Peoplemover!


05:51 - One More Disney Ride!


05:54 - This was a nice surprise on our last ride!


05:56 - Space Mountain was closed for the evening, which means LIGHTS ON VIEW!


05:58 - Oh, Garbles! Two minutes to spare and you crash out!



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Impressive--did you follow up by playing mini-golf at City Walk's new course at 8:00 am, or by passing out in some random ravine on the Disney property?


Well done!

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