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Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Discussion Thread

p. 149 - Tiana's Bayou Adventure opening on June 28th!

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I think that the general consensus is that Scary Adventures is out the door for a Princess Meet/Greet. Other than that, I have no conceivable clue what else is in store for Fantasyland beyond Seven Dwarves' Mine Train in 2013 (?).

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I hear you. But who was writing the Disney park blog, Disney or a fan?


Oh sorry I meant the official Disney Parks Blog, can fans write on that? Regardless it was one of their Social Media directors, but as I said it was purposely vague by saying "most". It's also fairly old so I wouldn't be surprised if they've pushed it to early 2014.



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After all steel is already going up for the mountain structure and they've been saying 2013...


I haven't really been following the project, but did Disney ever put out a timeline or was 2013 an assumption made by someone.


The original re-annoucement of the Fantasyland redo (when they replaced Tinkerbell with the Dwarfs) said "Most experiences will open by 2013". At D23 2011, they revised that to say that the new coaster would open "late 2013 or early 2014".

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^The changeover in New Fantasyland plans between the D23 Expo 2009 announcements and the revised announcements in 2011 were the following:


  • Cinderella meet & greet removed
  • Sleeping Beauty/Aurora's Cottage meet & greet removed
  • Pixie Hollow section of New Fantasyland completely removed
  • Dumbo location altered
  • Barnstormer officially added to the New Fantasyland plans for reworking
  • Winnie the Pooh meet and greet no longer retained for New Fantasyland


The blueprints from the original expansion plans as well as the D23 Expo 2009 announcement can both be found at the link below, detailing what was originally intended for the Fantasyland expansion.




Vertical construction has progressed this week on the Seven Dwarves Mine Train Coaster with steel supports being installed for the track. I'll be visiting later this week to grab some photos, but needless to say, they are working at a rapid pace to get the coaster done.

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Today I stopped by the Magic Kingdom to check out the construction progress on the Seven Dwarves Mine Train Coaster and was pleasantly surprised to find the Avengerail running for guests!


Transportation ASSEMBLE!


"When Captain America throws his mighty shield... All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield..."


Come on folks, you know the words!


Mark Ruffalo's Hulk is at the back of the Avengerail.


It isn't as sleek as the Tronorail, but I like it!




Over in New Fantasyland, work continues on the Castle Retaining Wall.


What have we here???


That's right folks! We have vertical coaster support assembly!


The crane was swinging wood around the construction site today.


Roof tiles are being added to Prince Eric's Castle.


We have round supports...


Gaston's Tavern is getting a roof as well.


It looks like this will become an artificial tree soon.



Tigger's Bouncy Place has been completely removed as work is underway to turn the former section of the interactive queue into a new meet & greet location for Pooh and his friends.



Hadn't really stopped to notice the details in this poster, including the burning building.


Very exciting!


Rock work on the Storybook Circus side of The Little Mermaid continues to form.


A new archway has been framed, which will likely serve as an access point to backstage area for cast members.


Dumbo was busy today with a 40 minute wait.


The pad for the Casey Jr. Splash 'n' Soak Station is nearing completion.


More supports are rising in New Fantasyland!


Some of these supports are pretty large...


These supports will likely be covered by rock work within a year or so, but they look nice so far.


Work on theming the rebuilt Toontown/Storybook Circus tents continues...


This one looks to be nearing completion, at least on the outside.


You can see where some of the newer rock work on The Little Mermaid's facade meets the old.


Could we be getting a night time show similar to Disneyland Paris' Dreams? That's sure be awesome!


The park was very busy today!


Lines were surprisingly short for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, but that may be because all players are currently locked into easy mode to help manage the waits at each portal.


The Sunshine Tree Terrace has finally emerged from behind the scrims to reveal a few new (and hidden) details...


The location now serves food items as well as snack and drink items.


Most of the snack items from the location's previous menu remain.



Should we look a little closer?


What's this?


Is that a Little Orange Bird in the Sunshine Tree that I see?


I think so! Orange Bird fans rejoice! Heesa comin' home!


The Dapper Dans are so awesome!


The Avengerail sports the SHIELD logo on the front end of the train.


So excited for the movie, and so happy to see some aspect of The Avengers making its way to Walt Disney World!


Just being in the presence of the Avengerail gave me the ability to be in two (close) places at once!

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Sadface - it looks like they wrapped Monorail Red for the Avengers promotion! Why didn't they wrap a less-cool color like Peach or Lime?

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I saw the wrap the other day in person when me and some other CP's were resort hopping, and I really do like it. My first thought is that it would be a tad bit tacky, but in the end, I love it! Maybe the next monorail fleet should have some all black mixed with the all white!

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Now that I've seen the Avengerail up close thanks to Adam's photos, I think it looks OK--but it's just so weird to see Marvel stuff on Disney property.

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Okay, this is the icing on the cake as to why I respect Disney so much.



Not a beverage over $4, not even the fancy iced coffee. And this is in a world renowned theme park. Of course they COULD gouge you for all you're worth! Nope! There's not a $15 chicken strip combo, or lame $13 souvenier bottle here! Even the meals are manageable, nothing over $10, even for a pulled pork sandwich.


Good guy Greg with the grub on this one!

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Not a beverage over $4, not even the fancy iced coffee. And this is in a world renowned theme park. Of course they COULD gouge you for all you're worth! Nope! There's not a $15 chicken strip combo, or lame $13 souvenier bottle here! Even the meals are manageable, nothing over $10, even for a pulled pork sandwich.



Parks are going to make their money one way or the other. Disney is making more money on their souvenirs, park admission price and resort fees than parks that charge $4 a drink.

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I think he's referring to the horrendous prices you can pay for food and drinks at Six Flags or Cedar Fair parks. There really is no comparison.


I understand what he's saying. What I'm saying is if Disney dropped their admission prices the $40-$50 a day they would not be able to sell food at these prices. Conversely, if SF and CF bumped up their admission prices by $20-$30 and still attracted the same volume of crowds, they could lower their food/drink prices.

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