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  1. What's the origin of these rumours that the next major coaster won't be until 2017? I see a few people repeating this as gospel, but prevailing evidence certainly suggests otherwise. We are essentially seeing the same (arguably more) activity than the same time-point in Leviathan construction process. Skyriders departure would be quite odd for a project that wouldn't actually begin construction until 2016. If a B&M coaster is not bound for Canada's Wonderland, than what other Cedar Fair park do those repeating this 2017 story think will get a 2016 coaster? Cedar Fair has very consi
  2. Disneyland will be having their 60th anniversary celebration around that time and also have the superior Christmas offerings versus Florida. However, if you've yet to experience Potter and that's a draw, there is certainly reason to make an argument towards Florida.
  3. It's unlikely to be a boat ride. Maelstrom was largely a cost savings move and to take advantage of Frozen ASAP. I expect this will be a Hunny Hunt vs. Many Adventures type situation, two very different rides (with Tokyo being clearly the superior offering).
  4. The construction walls all over, ripping up the pier area and the complete gutting of International Food Festival disagree with you. I think Orlando United is claiming a late Spring opening (although Universal has yet to even acknowledge the expansion). Also Hatetofly, the guy who posted the JP article has a pretty much flawless track record so far for Universal Info. I'd expect to see them start on JP in earnest this Spring or Summer once construction crews can be relocated from Simpsons/Transformers.
  5. Little known feature of Leviathan: it must go near a backstage kitchen because all you could smell were burgers for the entire ride on Sunday morning. Leviathan... now with hamburgers.
  6. Today I got to check out Canada's Wonderland for ScotiaBank day. CW blocks the first three weekends of the year for major Canadian banks (yesterday BMO and next Saturday RBC) before it opens to the public. Usually the sneak preview event happens the Friday before RBC day but major coasters *cough* Leviathan *cough* pushed it before the bank days. Having relatives who work for ScotiaBank and RBC is a nice little perk. The water park and water rides are not yet open (I think White Water Canyon usually is open at this time of the year but it's apparently opening May 19 and was completely drai
  7. Yes I can confirm it's still there, I took a look for you today.
  8. 2013 minor upgrades like new Verkoma restraints, 2014/15 a cool flat of some kind, maybe a watermark expansion. Then in 2015-2016 a dive/wing rider that interacts with Wonder Mountain loading opposite of Vortex. *fingers crossed* Oh and expect the GP to proclaim Wonderland is out of space and moving every step of the way!
  9. Love the entrance and fountain, that's a nice surprise! Very excited to go Sunday, I hope you guys aren't completely frozen.
  10. Alain from the Disney and More Blog Here came across some new images for Shanghai. It's still blurry, but you can actually glean some of the attractions that are arriving. On the right looks like an offshoot of the plans they had for Hong Kong Disney Pirate land with a hybrid Pirates/flume type attraction. Directly in front of the castle is where they will place the Dumbo spinner and carousel. (This is from the perspective of the castle you'll notice it on the bottom right just to orientate yourself). And here is an image of the entrance. The upper left hand
  11. This one is for all you cruise lovers out there! Cruise ships are really just theme park resorts on water, so it's not hard to see how the two passions can overlap. Strangely there is even a credit you can earn by taking an RCCL cruise (which I didn't do - but you'll see what I did instead shortly and will probably agree I picked the better option). This was my 5th Royal cruise (two short family vacations in the caribbean onboard the Majesty of the Seas and Grandeur of the Seas). Also I did a back-to-back Northern European cruise onboard the Voyager of the Seas in May 2010. Additionally I'
  12. There was pretty much nothing the public could see when he was there last year. Even when TPR went a few months later nothing could be seen as the work is beyond the parks current "boundary." Yup as mentioned I could not see any construction. In fact I really don't think they had even started. I did not see any walls nor did I know TSM was coming up. The only construction we had was for Jasmine's flying carpets which were nearing completion at the time!
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