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Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Discussion Thread

p. 149 - Tiana's Bayou Adventure opening on June 28th!

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Watch carefully over the coming days and you may see people casting spells in Adventureland. Walt Disney Imagineering has recruited Cast Members to test a new interactive experience: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.


Early next year, Disney Guests become the heroes in this role-playing trading-card game as they try to defeat the Disney Villains who are working to take over the Magic Kingdom. Armed with magic spells in the form of special cards, players must search for the magic symbols that lead them to the animated villains’ hiding places. By casting different magical spell cards, these Sorcerers can do battle with Yzma, Kronk and other ne’er do wells hiding throughout the land. From fireballs to frantic frogs and cyclones, there are spells to bring down each and every villain, with a simple flick of the wrist.




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Check out the special delivery this team of Walt Disney Imagineers received at the Walt Disney World Resort earlier this month. We’re told it’s a key piece of an attraction that’s planned for New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park.


Any guesses as to which attraction this could be a part of? Submit your guesses in the “Comments” section below. Be sure to check back later today to see if your guess was correct!


Thanks for submitting all of your guesses. Many of you were actually correct: This mystery image is one of the two new centerpieces of the new, doubled Dumbo attraction.



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^ He's so PURDY!


I'm still trying to get excited about this Fantasyland expansion. I guess I should just go in with low expectations and hopefully will be somewhat blown away. It's definitely something the park needs, but at the same time I'm kind of "meh" about it. *shrug*

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So this may be my shortest photo update in a good few years, but it's got some significance. The previously announced Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom interactive game has slowly had its elements popping up in the Magic Kingdom. And more recently, they've arrived in larger numbers. About a week ago, I stopped into the park to check on this project's progress along with the other changes being made new New Fantasyland.


The old ToonTown tents have been stripped to the frame to be prepared for their new purposes.


The Little Mermaid's facade continues to gain detail as it grows outward. It supposedly received its clam mobiles this week.


The Enchanted Grove, located between Cosmic Ray's and the Mad Tea Party attraction recently changed its name to the Cheshire Cafe to better reflect its surroundings.


The queue tent for Dueling Dumbos awaits its thematic overlay which won't likely come until the rest of the queue area is ready to be topped off as well.


An overview of the Storybook Circus/Little Mermaid section of New Fantasyland.


Beast's castle has long been completed, but the snowy peaks surrounding it continue to receive new paint.


The forced perspective effect is starting to work.


Maurice's Cottage is quickly gaining facade detail as well.


While the chimney isn't curvy like Potter's, it does look nice.


Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom interactive locations have been installed in some of the park's less visited areas.


Each has "keyhole," a screen (hidden here behind the curtains) and a speaker (embedded in the white box).


The keyhole is the RFID reader that will allow guests to interact with the on screen villains they face.


This door near the tunnel between Adventureland and Frontierland also features a new set of interactive elements.


To the left of the recently re-opened Frontierland Shooting Gallery is this interactive station.


The details around the station tie into existing Frontierland lore.


More details...


The key to your adventure...


See what I did there?


The Frontierland Shooting Gallery has finally reopened after a lengthy refurbishment.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad recently had the railroad cross ties removed from the track, leaving a very bare looking railway.


Over by Pirates of the Caribbean, this window has finally been unveiled despite being on of the first elements to be installed in the park.


Seen already in the play-testing, the black tiles are translucent, allowing for a video screen behind it to display the villains as if they were seen through a magical portal.


The Sunshine Tree Terrace facade is currently being refurbished while the establishment remains open. Several new interactive elements have already been installed in the venue's immediate area, but more are rumored to debut when the scrims come down.


This Sorcerer's booth in Adventureland recently sprung up.


The screen for this station will be projection based, and will likely utilize the physical set pieces to tie into the video action.


And one last window in Adventureland (walking towards Main Street USA) is ready.


Mainstreet USA is also expected to have several stations installed soon for this new interactive game.

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