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  1. (Current Dragon Handler at Dragon Challenge here) I honestly have never seen a ride op do this. If a Dragon Handler did this at IOA, they would be transferred out of operations immediately if not fired. I was also cross trained at Montu and I never saw this there either.
  2. Sorry if this question has already been asked. I heard a rumour that Dude (Looks Like a Lady) was removed from the Rock N Roller Coaster's soundtrack because it's offensive. Does anyone know if this is true?
  3. Honestly, no matter how much I wish Kumba would get the Hulk treatment, knowing Seaworld Entertainment Parks, that's pretty unlikely to happen. Even though it is an incredible coaster, a new coaster is much much easier to market and a much larger draw than a refurbished coaster (especially one that is tucked away in the back with relatively low ridership compared to Montu, SheiKra, and Cheetah Hunt. I'm praying for Kumba to get a massive refurb but I honestly just can't see it happening. Sorry!! Just realized how off topic this is.
  4. Personally, I love Rock n Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios. It's smooth and has one hell of a launch. I also like Ninja at SFoG. I don't know what it is about that ride but as long as you sit in the right place, it's a very enjoyable ride.
  5. Having been working at Busch Gardens since last year and going pretty regularly all my life, I know that operations at this time of year are very off and on. At log flume (where I am), during the weekdays, we almost never run both channels. We just don't expect that many people. Even if the queue gets very lengthy in the middle of the day, it doesn't make sense to add boats as that would take up even more time. Now speaking as a guest of the park, I have only ever seen Montu run one train once in my life. Kumba runs one train all the time. Therefore even though it's my favourite coaster, I rarely ever go back there because I know the queue will be horrendous. SheiKra usually is pretty good about keeping the trains from stacking, even if they only run one station. Hope you guys have a better time the next time you guys come! Oh and RiP Gwazi.
  6. Personally, I believe the problem with Gwazi was how it aged. Because Gwazi was built before the MF trains were released, it had to run PTC trains that beat the track to hell. Busch Gardens caught on and replaced the trains but this was too little too late. While I am kind of sad about this news, I think everyone was just waiting for this after they closed Tiger. I don't agree with the decision to not demolish Gwazi immediately. Having an enormous empty plot of land in the middle of your park isn't nearly as embarrassing as having a massive duelling wooden roller coaster with a walled off entrance. That just screams cut backs.
  7. Personally, I think the standing floorless design makes Acrophobia one of the best drop towers but that's just my opinion. Anyway, I actually love B&M stand-ups when they are done well (Georgia Scorcher). If they are done poorly (Vortex at Carrowinds) they can be killed with fire. Honestly, I think that just like B&M redesigned their inverted trains, dive coaster trains, and floorless trains, if B&M were to redesign the stand-up train so that it loaded faster and kept the OTSR away from your ears, they would have a kick a$$ ride. Please redesign this B&M!!
  8. Wild Eagle at Dollywood I rode Tennessee Tornado at least 25 times that day because I loved it so much. Then I went on Wild Eagle three times and was so bored with it that I got back on TT.
  9. (I don't know if this is the right place to say this.) I can't understand why people have a problem with Robb's talk and commentating during POVs. Personally, I think it really helps give an understanding of the best parts of the ride as well as the intensity. Is there a reason everyone hates it?? Sorry just wondering. Chas
  10. I mean if you think about it, in a way, this rumour kinda makes sense. If you forget about the crazy costs of moving a wooden coaster for the moment, it doesn't really makes sense to scrap a massive ride that really isn't that old. And you happen to have a huge plot of land where Drachen Fire (RIP) used to be... that would give Busch a chance to try to rebuild the ride and replace the battered pieces + the new MF trains might = an incredible ride. And this would give BGT some room to expand and get creative with the giant plot of land that Gwazi is on right now. Plus you finally fill the old Drachen Fire site. By the way, the ride op also said 240 foot drop tower. <-- another ride op also mentioned 240 feet. Just my thoughts.
  11. I went to BGT yesterday and it was probably the best day at a theme park I've ever had. Got on Kumba and Montu 5 times each as well as everything else at least twice. I talked to the ride op at Sandstorm. I asked about the two different rumours about Sandstorm. He said that Sandstorm and the kiddie rides in Timbuktu are being moved to BGW. Then I asked about Gwazi... He said (I still am a little sceptical) that Gwazi is being moved to Busch Gardens Williamsburg as well. I know it's possible to move wooden coasters but has anyone ever heard of a wooden coaster as big as Gwazi being moved? I'm just wondering what you guys think.
  12. I was watching the videos and I had to add these "Kristen, we got you this toy!" (Robb)"What would you like us to do to you?" (Piers)"Rape!" We love you, Piers!!
  13. Just checking something... Sorry if I sound like a GP. Did two people fall off a roller coaster tonight at HHN tonight? My friend is frantically trying to see if his friends are ok. I really want to put him at ease. If anyone hears anything that would be great!!
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