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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

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^Not that big of a suprise in my opinion....I was having a tough time believeing they had enough time to get the park back to shape with the off-season starting, they needed to start sometime in July or so to get the park looking good and having time to get money. I think it will reopen, but I knew it wasn't going to be 2011.

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LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB Fox 41) -- Fox 41 News has learned that Kentucky Kingdom is not going to reopen next year.


Developer Ed Hart wants to double the size of the water park and add new rides, but needs $50 million to pay for it. He said in a news release, "We share in the disappointment that the park will not be ready to open next spring. For our part, we are proud to be the operator of choice and will certainly do our best to bring Kentucky Kingdom back as soon as is reasonably possible."


The Kentucky State Fair Board initially planned to use a $50 million bond issue, but officials are having a tough time coming up with that money.


So the Fair Board expects it will have to ask for funding from the state legislature, which doesn't meet until January. The developer says he will do his best to bring Kentucky Kingdom back as soon as is reasonably possible.


Not surprising indeed. Oh Well, now they have much more time to think about all this.

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Wonder Why Six Flags Failed? Well let see what Ed Hart has to say on this video below...




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^Hmm...maybe there's still a chance for Twisted Twins to reopen. Sounds promising overall



By the sounds of this it seems they have plans to get Twisted Twins back open.


I wonder what will happen to the wooden rollercoasters since they will have been sitting for so long...... The last time I was there 2 yrs ago Thunder Run looked in bad shape.


Kentucky Kingdom Our redevelopment plan calls for the renovation of all of the existing rides! KK has some great wooden coasters and we want to see them running like they were brand new!


Sounds promising!

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I would almost say just order another Chang and have it painted green, talk about getting under SF's skin! But, I highly doubt that would be a real good business decision. Good for PR, maybe. Instead he will just have to one up Chang, and Riddler's Revenge for that matter.

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I'm not sure any of these things will actually ever happen (I hope they do), but it's nice to hear that they'll be refurbishing Twisted Twins. Maybe they are the park that is getting a Mauer coaster that the representative hints at in Robb's video, but I'm not even sure they could contract for a coaster since they haven't gotten their money yet.

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