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  1. The park map has been updated. Skycatcher will be placed behind the picnic area. Cyclos will be placed behind Professor John's Flying machine. http://www.kentuckykingdom.com/park-info/park-map/
  2. It would be awesome to see a zamperla air race. Ed Hart has said it plenty of times, "Its all about the rides". He has said the park will add a new ride every year because that is what keeps people coming back. He learned this back in the 90s, and Holiday World had learned from Ed Hart. The park reopening T2 along with the Rapid Ride is obviously not enough for 2014 IMO. You always have to have something NEW because that is what interest people. I would love to see a coaster be added to the park next year. If that doesn't happen, then 2 Major new flats and maybe a new waterslide. Ed Hart likes to be unique, so Kentucky Kingdom could see something that is not found in the Ohio Valley ( within Kings Island, Holiday World), or something that none of us know anything about just like past rides he have added.
  3. My gut is telling me the coaster will be at Holiday World or Kentucky Kingdom. I do believe Kentucky Kingdom will be adding a new ride next year along with the reopened attractions
  4. Verruct is not a body slide. Deep Water Dive will be our country's tallest body slide
  5. The Height restriction for the park in 200ft in certain areas. There was plenty of room, and there still is. Dominator was supposed to go where sky coaster and Road Runner sits...If you look at the lift hill on that ride, it was designed that way because it was going to be along side Ring Road. Steel Venom was going to be located where Greezed Lightning is located. I am not sure about the flying coaster. Also...several kids rides and the thriller bees ride where all transferred from Kentucky Kingdom to Geauga Lake.
  6. I don't think Holiday World is looking to outdo anyone. They have never done this before with Kentucky Kingdom, but if they do... right now with Ed Hart in charge, them trying to out due Kentucky Kingdom is like suicide imo.
  7. I agree with just about everything you said but actually it was 2006 when SFKK failed. Jay got the park on financial target like you said, but that was for the 2007 season when Deluge was added and the whole water park went under a crappy renovations and renamed SplashWater Kingdom. But then the accident happened that year and Jay got relocated to SFMM and all future plans for the KK was scratchcard. At a Job fair I attended in January 2007, Jay Thomas did hint to us employees at that time that there were plans for the NW territory of the park (Twisted Twin, Mile High Falls) in the next season (2008) because that area had been decaying several years prior. I heard the old dragster ride area in the NW Territory was going to receive a Thomas Town/Wiggles World, but...like I said, future plans were scratched after the accident. In 2008, that section was closed like you said...and basically you said all the rest I remember hearing rumors on screamscape during that year the Ed Hart was trying to get the park back but Six Flags was not interested in selling the park because his offer was low. Either way, 5 years is too long but 5 years is worth the wait for Ed's Magic.
  8. The Larson tower stands at 129 feet...The Hellavator stood at 177 feet But I will take a drop tower than no drop tower BTW, The height limit for Kentucky Kingdom varies, but no ride can be over 200 feet
  9. Something Different? This is what Kentucky Kingdom was always about back in the day. I am sure being different is going to be the title of this park in the future as well. The worlds first 2nd generation drop Tower The worlds first SLC The worlds first dueling coaster The worlds largest Spill Ride The worlds longest and tallest stand up coaster The worlds first ride of it's kind (quake) Now we have in 2014... The worlds first Chance Morgan Hyper The U.S. Tallest Body Slide... Different is Kentucky Kingdom's title. What is next??
  10. When the Zeppelin first opened it was located where the current entrance of Lightning Run/Greezed Lightning Run is located. The original queue line still exist today for this ride. It is to the left of the entrance of Lightning Run/Greezed Lightning. The Zeppelin was later relocated when Twisted Sisters opened.
  11. One reason why T2 could be one of the worst is because it uses 7 cars instead of 10. This SLC is also about 8 feet shorter than a non-prototype SLC. The GP still loves T2, and the GP misses Chang deeply.
  12. They have said they would last time Hart was going to take over the park.
  13. I wonder what Holiday World and Kings Island have to say about Kentucky Kingdom... http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20131118/NEWS01/311180040/Kentucky-Kingdom-undercuts-competitors-59-95-season-pass
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