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Official RCT/RCT2 Help Thread

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Awhile back, I had some computer issues, more of a virus, and I had to get rid of everything I had. It happens, but the one thing I miss from RCT 2 object data are the food stands that were the marble blocks. I probably could find them again at RCTMart, but I don't have an account there. So would anyone have them, and be willing to send them my way. I'd be more than grateful.



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My problem is:



Now I have been checking around and haven't seen this yet, but anyways, my problem is, after using Zero Clearences (Absolute) and Restoring Clearences, a lot of objects are still zero clearenced if you want to call it that. Tree's are glitching as if ZC is still on. If there is a wall built, I can overlap it but when I overlap it with another object, the new object is in the way (the way it is suppose to work). But I don't know if its actually 8 cars. Because I tried different versions too and they all seem to react the same. I tried to make "Any Height Construction" and "Ultra Exciting Rides" but neither worked when I told them to. Maybe its because of Windows 7? or should I reinstall the game?

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Does anyone use RCT2 on Windows 7? Best Buy has the 3-pack (Original, Wacky Worlds, Time Twister) and I want to know if it would work on my computer.


Works fine on my Windows 7. You will just notice some graphics difference with the load/save game menu, but it doesn't ruin the experience.

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Im in need of somebody to take care of making some invisble huts for me on Project Patriot. Its nearly done, and i'd like to get that out of the way so I can finish the last few details.




A 1% share when submitted goes to whoever helps me out.


Send it over, I'd be glad to do that for you.


Would anyone like to help me with supporting a B&M Invert and Standup? Just PM me if you are interested. Thanks!


I wouldn't mind this either. The sad thing for me is I just like building coasters, everything else just bores me out of my mind.

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-Well what helps me is that I go and find many buildings, terrain, or anything related to what I'm building. I normally get better results by basing something off of something realistic, rather than not. However, over time you should get the idea(that is if you are sticking with one theme.


-When making a ride, don't put it at the ground level, it just shows that it has little to no support. It will probably sink down if it where real.


-If your park is bigger than 150x150 and your going for one theme. Then your going for a real challenge there.


-When trying to create a custom coaster/ride, you must either merge, or hack it in order to perfect it


-When your making a pond, lake, or any body of water. make the "hole" 10ft(or more) below the 0pt, and fill it up to at least 5 feet in between. This gives it a bit more realistic feeling.


-When making a 4-D Coaster, try to leave at least 3 spaces

C - T - C

C = Car Space

T = Track


-If you want more air on a coaster, then make a hill at least 25feet lower than the previous one, and make sure its transitions are smooth. EX - Using the "Hyper/Giga/B&M" Hill


-When making a stadium(realism), try to make it as big as you can. Also think of what your shows theme is, and what audience will see it(this may sound lame, but its one of those "little" things)


-When making a dark ride, try creating a facade, so you don't overdue the theme.


-For compact coasters, make a fence around the area of the ride you want it in, and build it there.


-Mix up your pathway types a little



I'll think up of more when I'm more "awake"

How do you merge track?

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On the merging topic would someone be willing to merge a ride for me? I tried I got it to work briefly then I got an error Trapper. Now ever time I try it it says Track not complete when its merged..


Pm me if willing and I'll send the link over.

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