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Official RCT/RCT2 Help Thread

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Well, recently (since I found the 'search' button ) I have noticed that many people have posted RCT2 help topics. So I decided to make a whole thread, where you can all ask your RCT2 queries.


And (thanks DBru) you will also be able to post any suggestions that help you the most when playing RCT2, e.g. double paths, queue lines, themeing coasters etc.



To start this thread off I have a couple of suggestions for building coasters.

1) When building Giga Coasters, sometimes the longer the coaster is, the more intensity it gains. Instead of just building HUGE drops, try to incorporate as much twisted track as possible into the ride, making drops more un-expected.

2) Try to avoid building high excitement coasters near the entrance of your park. This usually causes a lot of crouding, making your park very 'peep inefficient' (a little term a made up ), plus, with a ride having low capacity, the queue line fills up, and you end up with heaps of tired guests. My solution, build the coaster, but before using any themeing, test the ride to gain excitement rating, very high excitement rating is usually boaderline.

3) The best way to get lots of peeps into your park is to build the majority of your more exciting rides at the back of your park, this means that most of your guests will move towards the back, leaving plenty of space at the front for more peeps to come in.


Missing a objdata file? Try here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=53557


8 Cars Trainer: Total 8 Cars Trainer Package


How to Take a Picture and Where to Find It!

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Use 8Cars 1.32. There is an option in there under Edit Ride Stats for "toggle chain". Apply a different color scheme to the vertical track you want as a lift (Alternative #1, etc.) and set that color scheme as the lift. Although a chain might not appear, the track will still work like a lift.

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Nice tips!


Why was I thanked? lol


Remember the RCT2 Tutorial Thread that TLM made, in it you spoke about having everyone post something that helps them the most in RCT2, that was what inspired me to make this thread.

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-Well what helps me is that I go and find many buildings, terrain, or anything related to what I'm building. I normally get better results by basing something off of something realistic, rather than not. However, over time you should get the idea(that is if you are sticking with one theme.


-When making a ride, don't put it at the ground level, it just shows that it has little to no support. It will probably sink down if it where real.


-If your park is bigger than 150x150 and your going for one theme. Then your going for a real challenge there.


-When trying to create a custom coaster/ride, you must either merge, or hack it in order to perfect it


-When your making a pond, lake, or any body of water. make the "hole" 10ft(or more) below the 0pt, and fill it up to at least 5 feet in between. This gives it a bit more realistic feeling.


-When making a 4-D Coaster, try to leave at least 3 spaces

C - T - C

C = Car Space

T = Track


-If you want more air on a coaster, then make a hill at least 25feet lower than the previous one, and make sure its transitions are smooth. EX - Using the "Hyper/Giga/B&M" Hill


-When making a stadium(realism), try to make it as big as you can. Also think of what your shows theme is, and what audience will see it(this may sound lame, but its one of those "little" things)


-When making a dark ride, try creating a facade, so you don't overdue the theme.


-For compact coasters, make a fence around the area of the ride you want it in, and build it there.


-Mix up your pathway types a little



I'll think up of more when I'm more "awake"

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^^In my latest park I used the support blocker in BRTeller's Epic Adventures, I think it's the same as the one that TLM's link goes to, but I'm not 100% sure.



Just another couple of quick tips that I sometimes use:

1) Sometimes it helps to make a park plan, draw out where you are going to place rides, food courts etc. it doesn't always work, but when you're looking for inspiration it can trigger an idea for what to build next.

2) Always try to select some sort of water themeing, I didn't do this in Sunset Hills, and I am regretting that decision. A small water feature here and there can make big difference on the look and feel of your park, brightening it up a bit.

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-It always helps me to build the park in a central location (in the landscape) and expand outwards.


-Leaving lots of empty space between attractions makes the park look unorganized.

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^Brandons doesn't work. The one I have linked was the first one, and it does work. Its the one I use. However, you will need to do the underground thing if you want a support to take over that spot. (Look at the bobsled I made)


Another tip for any user



Note, I just realized this tip for my park, and now I need to re-start the thing. I was going to surprise you all with a water themed park.


Also, its best to give very trustworthy friends your park hear and there, or put it on a flash drive, in case something pretty bad happens. Trust me when I was using a really crappy computer, it completely shut down every month or too. I recommenced this to anyone who has a crappy computer.


When making NCS Parks, try to become as imaginative as you can. With wooden coasters, heartlined, Virginia reels, and bobsleds as well as any other ride can help you make roofs, buildings, and objects.


Try to avoid clones, they tend to be "filler" and un-original. I mean using one that is highly rated such as an impulse is alright hear and there, but adding 2 boomerangs, and 5 slcs is just annoying.


Remember nobody is lesser than you, and never will be. If you play a lot and listen to advice from what other people will have to say, then you will progress. As well take some of there style, and eventually you will come up with your own style.


NEVER, NEVER and I mean NEVER overhack your rides, or its surroundings to an extream (ignore mt.tool, and height max) Your ride can become glitched to an extream, and you may loose the file that you have.


Try to throw in a kiddie/family section in the park. Add a coaster below 15ft will help too. Small coasters are normally crowd grabbers though, so don't add so many.


If you want to learn how to get better in the game, try to capture a few different styles, by coping rides, scenery, terrain, or anything else.


Remember if you make a park with a Spider Pig ride, Chuck Norris ride, and a bacon ride, you park is instantly good no matter who you are.


When making a timeline park, try to do re-themes here and there (DBRU!)


Interactive coasters are easier to make if there below 100ft.


For a ride like Fahrenheit, its better off just forgetting merging it, but a ride like Maverick would make more sense than one that focus's on inversions.


-Matthew "someones going to make baconorrispig land I know it!" K.

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^Yeah, I just had too


Its really hard to criticize you, ya know.


Yes, more tips.


I'll keep it short

-When making a pool (wave pool, slide dump, or water shows) first make the hole in the ground, make the floor icy, and add walls to the edges. Now, get 8-cars, and zero clearance it. Raise the water up, and restore it.


-When making a CF Park, make sure you have a trash can every corner, edge, and ramp!


-Dont put similar rides, or rides with similar colors next to each other, (GP Reasons)


-Don't think that if you put roofs everywhere around your building, including the floor, it will look "fancy" (Ghost!)


I'm going to be here a lot ain't I?


EDIT - I'm going to put up some pictures of some of my tutorials I have, some of them you guys would never even think of.

-Matthew "This is a coaster geeks world of warcraft" K.


Now, build your slide, use realistic supports, and make a catwalk thats kind of narrow either scenery or just the mini gold .


Now, zero clearance this. Raise the water, and you will see through it.


If your going to make a fool, I would use a piece like this, flat.


see how theres stairs, these help the people get out. Also you don't need to add a floor, but I did :-P


now lets make a water slide pool tut


Here is how to make a good 1/2 terrian, 1/2 station. Yes this is a hint for a project in the making

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^ Aren't you glad I made this thread


Following up on TLM's pic of the station, using 1/4 tile land scenery can make rides and landscaping look extremely realistic, just look at BRTeller's Cavern Blaster coaster.

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Okay a few questions.


1) Where can I get a good support for coasters?

1b) Can you please provide a link?


2) When making a park is there any way of overcoming the "too many items in set" and just use them all?

2b) If so please tell me how.




And now that I asked my question here's a tip.


Bigger isn't always better.




EDIT: Another question, in the tutorial posted above, where can I get those terrain blocks that make a roof without having the ground raise with it?

Can you please provide a link. (I'm too lazy to search )

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^ Download this roller coaster (see link below) and you should get all the supports you need, also check out BRTeller's Epic Adventures park, it also has some really good supports.



To answer your second question, no , there is a limit to the scenery that you can select, e.g. you can select up to 128 rides, 252 single or 1/4 tile scenery, but only one water type and entrance.


Again, check out BRTeller's Epic Adventures, there you will get the 1/4 tile land scenery, so you can make underground stations without physically lowering or raising the actual ground.


This is the link to BRTeller's Epic Adventures park, just click the download, and check it out. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=41979&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=110

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Maybe someone can help me out here...


I downloaded the 8 Cars Trainer and have been trying to use it (Mountain tool is a life saver).


But I'm having major difficulties with the Zero Clearance function.


If I click to "Zero Clearances", it will allow me to build through things, so I can have a coaster rushing through a waterfall. But it also makes the coaster glitch and sections of track disappear from different angles while in Zero Clearance mode.


When I choose to restore all clearances... nothing happens. I get no message saying that clearance has been restored. I can still build through things, and coasters/flats/rides still disappear in chunks as I zoom in and out and rotate views.


It's quite possible that I'm just an idiot. Am I missing something simple? What's the trick to restoring clearances so that I can no longer build through rides and watch sections of items disappear?


Also, I notice there's the option under "MISC" to Zero all clearances, or the option under "EDIT RIDES" to select a specific ride and check a box marked "zero clearance" which seems to zero clearance only for that particular ride.


Which method is best to use? I've tried both and in both cases can't seem to be able to restore clearances.

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