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Official RCT/RCT2 Help Thread

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I have a quick question. What kind of track can be made invisible and what cant be made invisible? Can what I want invisible be a merged part of a track but have the other half still visible? Am I making any sense at all?


Quick example: Like if you were to merge the giga coaster track to the B&M looper track for some reason. Could the B&M track be made invisible while the giga track is still visible and still operate like a merged coaster?


Sorry, Ive got a stellar idea for my park but I cant do it to how I like it if I cant make the merged track invisible as it looks rather silly but it's a necessary evil... Oh and its not the example above. Its drastically different.


Any help is welcome! Thanks in advance, Joel

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Second suggestion - simply copy/paste the SC6 file into your scenarios folder.


C: -> Program Files (x86 if you have Vista or 7) -> Infogrames Interactive (Atari if you have Triple Thrill Pack) -> RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 -> Scenarios.


Also, make sure the file you want to open is a .SC6 file. RCT2 scenarios have the same icon as RCT1 scenarios, but RCT1 scenarios have the extension .SC4.

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Did you wait for it to unfreeze? If you did, then I can't help you. My only suggestion would be to lay of rct2 for a while. I you didn't, though (which I highly doubt), then I would wait next time. If you're on a laptop, like me, you should move it around every so often so it doesn't overheat.

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Can anyone reference me to an RCT2 tutorial that will teach me how to get rid of the brown pad that rides are built on, as well as getting rid of the huts? I'm thinking about creating a very tight park (sound familiar?).


EDIT: I'm also looking for some great roadway/highway CS, with traffic signals and such. Anyone have any of that?

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I actually stumbled on that tutorial when I was poking around over at NewElement (GASP!) earlier this morning. I also found a park that had the road objects I wanted in it.


Thanks for letting me know, Coupon. I finally have a use for the checkerboard land tiles after all! I just didn't realize removing the pad was as simple as a map object manipulation.

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