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Official RCT/RCT2 Help Thread

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They should be in right in your RCT2 directory. For the original game, look in Program Files (x86) > Infogrames Interactive, and for the TTP, look in Program Files (x86) > Atari.


If they're not, here's a similar post from the NoLimits help thread -

All of those screenshots and videos that you thought you took and those tracks you thought you saved are found in Users -> Your Name -> AppData -> Local -> VirtualStore -> Program Files (x86) -> NoLimits Coasters. You may have to "show hidden files and folders" to locate the AppData folder, look it up on Google or something.


An application like DaisyDisk is a great way to locate those files taking up precious space on your hard drive.

In your case, look in the RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 folder.

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So I've been experimenting with 8cars (the one from pg. 13 here) and I have a couple of questions Google cannot answer (and they sound really simple but this is my first time using any trainer):


1. How do I launch from a Giga Coaster (that's the Intamin track)?

2. How do I change from one track piece to another (for example, from a B&M Flying to 4-D)?

3. How do I make stations invisible without making the track invisible?


EDIT: I figured out my first question.

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I am having trouble with the Scenario Editor in RCT2:TTP. Well, I recently downloaded some CS and put it into the game. However, whenever I get to the small objects section in the Scenario Editor, I am unable to scroll down. I found this odd because I could scroll down in all of the other tabs. Can someone help me? Thanks.

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Okay... I have RCT2 and legally bought it. I have it installed on my computer entirely. Quite recently, I realized that I could not find the disk. Does anybody know where I could find a reliable No CD patch that doesn't need WinRAR to open? Thanks in advance! I want to get back to parks, but without the disk, I'm a bit lost!

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Is there a map editor for RCT2? I'm having some trouble with construction rights. Whenever I set certain squares as construction rights in the scenario editor, when I go to save the scenario and open it, the squares are set to unowned.


The squares I want to set as construction rights have a path on them, and they need to stay as construction rights/unowned because the path leads to the park entrance.


I tried using 8 Cars Per Trainer to invert land ownership a few times so I could construct the stuff I needed, but whenever a guest in the park needs to use the path that goes over and above the unowned area, they turn around and go the other way.


EDIT: It seems the only issue arises when I'm doing construction rights over the only path that leads into the park, which makes me feel a little bit better.

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