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Official RCT/RCT2 Help Thread

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Has anyone created/edited a Windseeker/Starflyer for RCT2 and is there a download for the object??!


There's no object but there's a series of hacks that you can do to create one. It won't be peepable, and you'll need to put in a lot of work. Look around NE for some examples, and at some point (not sure where it is) someone (Turbin3, maybe?) showed a screenshot before he made his track invisible to show what he did. Essentially, you have to build your tower, then create the chair support structure with track/scenery, and then build a roller coaster that feeds into a loop around the tower. It'll give the appearance of a non-stop swing ride, but it won't raise or lower.

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I need a couple of things...

A). The purple (There's one more you cant see). It lets me do stuff there, just not visible. Ive tried the remove null objects on all three but nothing happens.

B). Small track issue that I would like to see if can get fixed.

C). Need two huts made invisible and two that need to be made visible again.


Man I'm needy. lol. Anyways just PM me if you can help. Thanks, Joel.

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You can use trainers like 8cars (the most commonly used, download pg.13) to increase your amount of money and do other things.

Once you've downloaded save games (.SV6), you can either double-click the icon (easiest way) or go into the game, click the Open Saved Game button and find the file. Also, if it's a scenario (.SC6) you can double click it and it will automatically save it, for you to then open when you start a scenario.

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Hello to all

Due to a computer meltdown on both of my laptops i have lost many rollercoaster tycoon 2 files. I was hoping someone could help me out with finding the following parks


Opryland USA

Lake Compounce

Kings Dominion

or any others that you might have. I have tried googling and altavista-ing and bing-ing heh heh

But to no avail. If you have any real park recreations could you pass them on to me.

Any would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Joseph

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I've actually gone to new element nothing to be found...

and I've checked all the usual places..google, alta vista coaster net and a couple of dutch sites...and a couple of french sites as well and i even tried to contact the park makers who made disneyland paris a couple of years ago but the email no longer works that they provided on site believe the one that i downloaded so many great parks from is full of download links that no longer work...was hoping someone would be able to throw it my way.

Not sure where else to check. thanks for the response though any parks you could post here would be great still

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So just to make it clear i have exausted all of the normal search options...search engines etc.

What i am looking for is someone to send me some files if they still have them on file

i have tried altavista, google, coasterforce, new element, rct lounge, coasternet,magic forum, thrillnetwork and just about everyother venue for rct files. Any file or real parks would be great thanks in advance joe

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Here's a download:


It's kind of hard to explain how it works but here's a quick summary:

Click the '...' button to browse for the park. Once you've found it click Open and it will load the parks DAT items.

To insert an object you can either Add it in an empty slot or Replace it with an object that hasn't been used in the park. You can see if it's been used by checking for an X and it has to be the same Slot Type (Small Scenery, Large Scenery, Walls, Rides etc.)

Then click Save and you're finished.

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