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  1. Do you use these for RCT3? Cause if you do, I want some of this xD
  2. I wouldn't have the time to continue with Pixar, it would take to much research and energy. Maybe ill do it for a different project. But right now im booked! Lol, the boomerang was the Pixar park, now its a new color scheme, also, ultra twisterand the other coaster ar supposed to match. I'm back! I'm sorry I havn't updated in FOREVER, but I lost all of my RCT3 data and it took a while to get it all back...Well, here it is! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So opening day was yesterday, and I got a pass to get in early, so I got some GREAT shots! From the looks of it, they are already starting a season 2 project...It's all wood supports so far, but, it's set up weird...I wonder what it will be? This is the start of the line for Kingda Ka, it will suck when it's full! This is the main path, and it leads toward the back of the park. Near the end of the main path, is a junior boomerang coaster. The lovely log flume. Again, season 2 project? Well, that's all I have for ya at this time! The park is looking AMAZING! Do you agree?
  3. BOY, I'VE GOT SOME NEWS FOR YOU! There is no garuntee yet, but Whisper91 has agreed to my offer of turning this park into an RCT3 park. We are still working out some of the details, and hopefully we will figure out the deal on how much space is needed in RCT3, as well as when we will start. Obviously, Whisper91, still gets all of the credit, as this is his/her park. I will only be acountable for the RCT3 sections of this project. Edit: The idea is good! We are going through with it. I already figured out some of the space requirements and I already started the main entrance! Yay! Here is a small preview:
  4. There is plenty of fencing around my rides, and I didn't want people to see much during the night time updates. Yeah, Pixar would have been pretty cool, but if I kept it Pixar, the story would be wierd... Thanks! I will definatley try to get more pictures of the log flume. Trust me, i'm thinking about it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok, so, the other day I actually got offered to take a tour of the park, and I obviously couldn't pass up an offer like that! I got some great pictures! As soon as I got in the park, I noticed that they built a launch roller coaster! It's basically Kingda Ka! Next, I saw a ride that actually goes with Ultra Twister (Now called DNA). DNA (Ultra Twister) itself! As I was walking, I spoted some poles in the main paths, right next to the que lines...I asked what they were for and they said they were extensions for the lines, as the opening of the park was going to be soon, and they thought that the lines would be very crowded. Lastly, I passed by the tallest ride in the park! Windseeker.
  5. Thanks Sorry, but I don't think that I would have been able to continue with the park if I kept it as Pixar. :/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So the other night, I was finally able to sneek into the park, as there is no security yet for some reason...any who! These are the pictures I got: The gorgeous chair swing, right across from the Vekoma Boomerang. A shot of Ultra Twister from the que line. View from the main path. Comment! Any ideas will help!
  6. This is a preview of one of the coasters that is going to be in my new park! You can get updates here: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=64494
  7. Well...I am upset as I was hopeing that I would have more comments...Anyways... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was really shocked today when I found out who bought the Pixar Park..Six Flags bought it! It was all over the news! They are turning the Pixar Park into a Six Flags! After I heard about it, I went down to the heli-port and got some one to fly me over the land. It looks amazing! The first thing that caught my eye was the lovely chair swing. After the chair swing, we flew by a log flume. It looks like a lot of fun! Finally, The only coaster built so far that isn't a boomerang. Apparently it is Ultra Twister from Six Flags Astroworld. Please comment! Any idea will help!
  8. Trust me...I have plans for this park. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Guys...I'm hopeing that after a few more updates I will start getting more comments? Yes? No? Maybe? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So I wen't down to the lot where the Pixar park is...I was upset to see the construction crew demolishing the park. Where Buzz Light Year's flight used to lay. The structure that used to hold the food court. Part of the main entrance. Good bye Pixar Park.
  9. VERY realistic boomerang coaster! I should have it ready for download by the end of January!
  10. Ok guys, so, I havn't really done anything in a while cause I just got tired of trying to make somthing, and getting no comments, and not having much time to work on RCT3 and stuff...so...yeah! Hopefully I will have more luck this time! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today I heard that the Pixar amusement park had been bought from some "big shot" company. So I went to closeing day to enjoy what I grew up with. The view of the park from the main entrance. This is the buzz light year ride. The Vekoma Boomerang coaster that was never finished being constructed. Again, Vekoma Boomerang. Leaving the park...for the last time.
  11. I love it! Where did you get the custom S&S drop tower though?
  12. Where are my RCT2 pictures located on my computer? I know that this is probablly a reallys imple answer, but I have never really used the RCT2 pictures, so....can anyone answer? thanks!
  13. ^ whenever stuff like that happens to me, I usually have to un-install it, and then re-install it. You could also check to see if you put it in the right folder.
  14. Well, I know it has been a while sinse I last updated...so...here it is! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been sick for a while, so today after work I had my friend fly me over the park....THE PARK IS ALMOST OPEN! IM SO HAPPY! Every ride was testing and having final preperations done for tomorrows grand opening! This is the area off to the side of the main entrance. Again, area off to the side of the main entrance. Imagineer John Screemin Swing. The only ride over the lake is the baloon ride. Wooden coaster at the top of the hill. The last coaster, mustang, and the boomerang coaster. Ideas, Likes, Dislikes! Comment any of them!
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