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Official RCT/RCT2 Help Thread

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I'm getting the good 'ol "error trapper" message. I can't remember how I may have fixed this issue (if at all!) years ago. I'm running Windows 10 now... I seem to get this message when I've been working on a game for a long time. I tried all the different compatibility modes to no avail. Surely there has to be an easy fix for this? Thanks in advance for any help.


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Just wanted everyone to know that Atari released on iOS Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic! It combines RCT1 and 2 in one app with the available purchase of 2 expansions. The game is on $6!! I didn't know where to post this, so hope this is ok.



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JT325, I have had issues with error trapper many times before. From what I've experienced, there is no sure way to fix it except that when it happens remember what action you just performed in the game. If you continue to do that the error trapper will trap ya. For example, it kept trapping me every time I would open or test one of my new roller coasters. This of course was a huge roadblock so I had to get around it by opening the roller coaster via the "open all rides" option in the rides/attractions summary tool. This error really sucks, I hope you can get around it and keep enjoying rct2.


Also, I'm posting a random screenshot because I'm new to TPR and I want to make sure my images come in the thread. They aren't showing up when I preview them, just a black screen. If anyone knows why are what is up with that I'd appreciate the help. I would like to start my own thread soon and showcase my park.


("test" picture) In case anyone was curious this is Flux from Kitchen's Koasters Theme Park

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Hello again! Anybody on here have any old rct2 park files from TPR Game Exchange?

Parks im looking for are

1.Pelican Bay by cyrbuzz

2.Glenwood Park Modernized by Rocketman1219

3,Euro World by themeparksbuzz

4,Forlindon by Coalinghe any versions

Thanks anyways for anything!

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