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  1. Here is the last update to Pirate's Edge! The last two park sections to show today are Plunder Point and Dead Man's Hollow! Plunder Point is tucked away in the back of the park. It features numerous attractions including two one-of-a-kind family coasters; Midnight Run and The Lost Raid. Dead Man's Hollow features the highest thrills in the park and is also located in the back of the park, however behind the tall cliffs that nearly completely conceal it from the rest of the park. Dead Man's Hollow also features two amazing coasters; Blackout and Jolly Roger. Here are a couple overview shots of Plunder Point. This swing ride is called Scalawag Swings. It is a nice ride for the young ones tucked away behind Sharkbite's station. This is the first coaster in Plunder Point: The Lost Raid. Excitement - 5.14 Intensity - 5.46 Nausea - 3.45 A junior coaster, The Lost Raid is great for all ages and features excellent theming that makes it more enjoyable even for the more experienced riders. Rogue Round-Up is a fast spinning ride that is not for the weak stomachs! This is a popular ride because it rests on the roof of Bootlegger Bill's Hideout. Mystic Drift is a swinging ship ride that takes riders on a remote journey by the sea! Midnight Run is the second roller coaster and last ride at Plunder Point. Excitement - 7.93 Intensity - 8.23 Nausea - 4.76 This woody is an excellent source of adrenaline as it rattles through the dense trees and even underground! The station is really hidden in the trees and the line as well. Watch for wait time signs before entering the queue! The ride ends with this tight helix by the water! Up next is the last area of the park: Dead Man's Hollow! Here are a couple aerials of Dead Man's Hollow. Cannonball Crash is a shorter drop tower ride that packs more thrills than one would expect! Skull Mansion is a haunted house that is only recommended for those 15 and older. Staffed all season long, this "ride" is sure to provide a lot of excitement for those seeking a scare. Blackout is an inverted hairpin coaster that has many quick drops and turns. There are many added effects such as loud noises and flashing lights. Don't be fooled though, most of the ride is in complete darkness. Blackout is the first roller coaster shown here at Dead Man's Hollow. This coaster is set entirely in a building and is exactly what you would expect: dark!! Excitement - 7.77 Intensity - 9.11 Nausea - 6.07 This ride attracts huge crowds and has the longest wait in the park most often because of it's mysterious and appealing nature. The queue is well themed and sets the ride up perfectly. Guests enjoy the anticipation, special effects, and music. The ride is a chaotic, spinning, flipping ride inside an open building. Phantom Spirit is a colorful new attraction to Pirate's Edge. Behold Jolly Roger! Excitement - 9.68 Intensity - 7.92 Nausea - 5.23 Jolly Roger is consistently rated the best ride Pirate's Edge has to offer. It's a giga coaster that features huge drops and a long ride time as riders are taken all the way over the cliffs to Plunder Point and back. The station is designed to be exciting and modern with a queue line that has the potential to hold a tremendous amount of guests. Get to this ride before it fills up! Here is the picturesque 183 foot first drop with a typical giga coaster fast cable lift. The turn-a-round point above Plunder Point. Jolly Roger holds its speed well throughout the entire ride. The final twists and turns right above the path! Here are 4 final aerial shots of all of Pirate's Edge: Thank you everyone for taking time to look at Pirate's Edge! I've worked very hard on this park and am looking forward to beginning my next great masterpiece!
  2. Thanks for the views and replies everyone! Here's the next update to Pirate's Edge. Castaway Island! This is my personal favorite part of the park and I'm excited to share it with you all. Castaway Island features two of Pirate's Edge's signature coasters as well as a water ride that rivals Bon Voyage. Well enough talk, here's the pics! An aerial view of Castaway Island. There are 2 primary entrances via bridges across the lake. The first ride to show is Paddle to the Sea! This canoe ride allows guests to hop aboard their own, self guided boat! (open seasonally) On one corner of the island lies most of the rides. Treasure Twister is a simple flat ride housed underground in the dark with lighting and special effects. Land Ho! is an intense launched tower that will catapult riders right out the top of the center of the island. Sunset Horizon and Sunrise Horizon are dueling Ferris wheels that radiate alongside the water. One of guests favorite picture taking spots. Finally, Looty Booty Rapids' entrance is here (ride show below). Also don't forget to eat up at the Sand Castle Saloon! Treasure Twister and Land Ho! underground view Here is the queue line and station to Looty Booty Rapids. This ride is tucked away behind the island which generates a lot of excitement and suspense. Guests can not see any of the ride until they are on board! This ride will indeed get you soaked as you splash your way around and down the island's slopes as you hunt for treasure. Looty Booty Rapids with scenery gone (with scenery) These two dueling coasters are called Wave Rush and Beach Blitz! These rides are unfortunately slow to board and run so lines can be extremely long. Ride these early in the day! Wave Rush and Beach Blitz are launched up a hill and then twist and turn all around as they intertwine with each other on the beach. Race to the finish! (spoiler: Wave Rush wins almost every time by just a hair) Wave Rush: Excitement - 8.30 Intensity - 6.14 Nausea - 3.05 Beach Blitz: Excitement - 8.60 Intensity - 6.54 Nausea - 3.30 Each coaster features one inversion in the form of an Immelmann. The trains are finishing their run here. Close race! The next area of Pirate's Edge to see is Danger Coast! Danger Coast is set on a narrow strip of land between the lake and the high bluffs. It is themed after a dangerous coast (obviously) but focuses on the natural side of danger such as sharks, pirate beasts, waves, shipwrecks, etc. An aerial view. Danger Coast has two unique coasters as well as three other thrill rides. Here is the entrance closest to the park entrance (right side). The rocky building is Seaside Café! Behold Frenzy! A swinging inverted ship that is surround completely by waterfalls! This ride took a tremendous amount of engineering and construction costs to pull it off, however, it takes a simple ride and makes it extra awesome. It stands as one of the top flat rides in the park and consistently has a long line. Frenzy is located on the other side of Danger Coast (furthest from the park entrance). In this snap, we can see Shipwreck Grill (voted the top restaurant in the park), Turbulence (the "scrambler" ride) and Cyclone (the "super-looper"). Both of these rides use the terrain to boost their appeal. The first coaster to show in Danger Coast is Sharkbite. Sharkbite's station and entrance are shown here. Excitement - 7.23 Intensity - 8.20 Nausea - 4.01 Here is the station with scenery turned off. Sharkbite gains its speed over time as it winds its way down the hill. This allows it to maintain speed the entire ride. After the dive loop shown in the above pictures, riders get a quick breath overlooking the water before they drop down underground and into the finale. Sharkbite finishes with this double loop right over the path and set in the ground, and a small and fast Immelmann underground! The second and typically more popular coaster in Danger Coast is called King Kraken. King Kraken is a B&M stand-up that was creatively designed to be the premier attraction in this part of the park. The station is massive and shows off the size of this coaster. Featuring 4 inversions and many tunnels, King Kraken is yet one more popular ride at Pirate's Edge. Excitement - 8.42 Intensity - 9.09 Nausea - 5.16 The backside of the station and King Kraken's second inversion: this sharp Immelmann following Kraken's second tunnel. The first drop directly into a tunnel Here are King Kraken's signature elements: these two top hats (one inverted one not). Guests below can get awesome pictures as the coaster erupts out of the ground over their heads. The ride finishes with a long tunnel section (helix!) and then these double corkscrews right into the brake run.
  3. Hello Everyone! I'd like to keep the flamboyancy to a minimum in my park description and let the screenshots paint the picture. I'll provide ratings for the coasters and short descriptions as I show all rides and park areas. Here we go! This is Pirate's Edge. A moderate sized pirate-themed park featuring 6 different pirate themed areas: Port Cutlass, Captain's Wharf, Castaway Island, Danger Coast, Dead Man's Hollow, and Plunder Point. I'll begin today with the showing of Port Cutlass, but I plan to follow up with the rest of the park in the days/weeks to come! Port Cutlass is a hustling bustling trading city with pirate's galore! Guests are swept up in the excitement and the nonstop action. Park maps are key here as many rides are often overlooked among the hub of entertainment! This is where the park entrance lies. Guests are greeted with a large structure to enter the park under, alongside the season pass offices, ticket offices, etc. Relax around the fountain and take in the tropical atmosphere. Don't forget to get your souvenirs and stop in at Sully's Sweets! Shackle Shack and Privateer's Pub provide excellent places to eat right at the Park Entrance. Take a quick detour to Execution Square and ride two classic thrills themed around the fate many pirate's suffered: Scaffold Swing and Noosedive Scaffold Swing is the trebuchet ride and Noosedive the skydiver. (no scenery) Ol' Musket is a classic Merry-go-Round that Pirate's Edge offers guests right in Port Cutlass. Set inside, this is a guest favorite on rainy days! Adventure Journey is a monorail ride that takes guests on a tour of most of the park as well as traverses tunnels and dips. This "one station" monorail lets guests sit back and enjoy the views of Pirate's Edge. A Pirate's Life is a 4-D show that draws huge crowds! Guests must be ready to get wet on this exciting show of the adventurous life of a pirate. Pegleg Parlor is another restaurant that guests can settle down at to take a break from the action. Located just past Execution Square is the entrance to Bon Voyage, one of two famous water rides and one of the most renowned rides at Pirate's Edge. Bon Voyage is a large splash boat ride that begins with a long journey through indoor rooms full of scenery. At the end of the ride, guests are taken up to the top of the bluffs and splash back down into the darkness getting soaked in the process! Here is the final plunge and station. (more Bon Voyage pics below) The main attraction in Port Cutlass is a dive coaster that towers above the buildings and streets below: Swashbuckler! Excitement - 9.50 Intensity - 8.02 Nausea - 4.45 With an outstanding excitement rating, this coaster is a park favorite and draws huge crowds. The line is consistently over 45 min long all day so plan accordingly! Swashbuckler features three vertical drops, one inversion, tunnels, a helix around a waterfall, and many fly-bys through the city. For the younger tikes, take a trip on Crow's Nest (nearby) for great views of the entire park, as this is the tallest structure at Pirate's Edge. Here is Swashbuckler's entrance, support-themed station, loop, and final dive underground Swashbuckler's first drop, queue line (lots of hidden switchbacks!), and views of Bon Voyage. One of Swashbuckler's memorable features is this air time hill following the fly-by past buildings right after the first drop. This hill is followed by a fast, extreme helix inside and out of the bluffs, around a waterfall. Swashbuckler maintains high speed throughout its drops and turns, soaring above and around Port Cutlass. Bon Voyage's final lift hill and indoor buildings can also be seen here. An aerial view of Swashbuckler, Bon Voyage, and their queue lines with scenery and without. (no scenery) The next area of the park that will be shown is Captain's Wharf. Connected directly to Port Cutlass, this area allows guests to get up close to the water as it features numerous docks overlooking the lake, just like a wharf or harbor does. Captain's Wharf has a great restaurant called Crew's quarters, a few thrill rides, and a beautiful coaster that can be seen clearly from the parking lot. Some final aerial views of Port Cutlass. Let me know what you guys think! The rest of Pirate's Edge will be showed when I can get to it! Hopefully soon. An aerial view of Captain's Wharf Crew's Quarters serves excellent food in a beautiful building. Mutiny Mania is a bumper car ride located right on the water inside a quaint building. (with scenery) Sail Storm is one of the most popular flat rides in the park, as it's water location and visibility draw in large crowds. The Flying Jib Excitement - 8.21 Intensity - 9.16 Nausea - 6.90 A flying coaster (naturally) located right on the edge of the park in Captain's Wharf. The flying Jib is an exciting, intense roller coaster that will flip riders upside down numerous times. It's highlights include 3 "diving" loops in a row, and the corkscrew right over the path and heads of fellow guests! While not nearly as popular as Swashbuckler, The Flying Jib can often draw in huge crowds due to its close proximity to the park entrance. Expect longer lines.
  4. Hello everyone my name is Logan Kitchen and my dream job is to become an engineer helping design roller coasters! Im currently in college for Civil Engineering (Structural) hoping to get closer to my dream job someday. I've currently been on an estimate of about 120 coasters and hoping to boost my number! Also, very in to RCT2 and that's what led me to TPR.
  5. JT325, I have had issues with error trapper many times before. From what I've experienced, there is no sure way to fix it except that when it happens remember what action you just performed in the game. If you continue to do that the error trapper will trap ya. For example, it kept trapping me every time I would open or test one of my new roller coasters. This of course was a huge roadblock so I had to get around it by opening the roller coaster via the "open all rides" option in the rides/attractions summary tool. This error really sucks, I hope you can get around it and keep enjoying rct2. Also, I'm posting a random screenshot because I'm new to TPR and I want to make sure my images come in the thread. They aren't showing up when I preview them, just a black screen. If anyone knows why are what is up with that I'd appreciate the help. I would like to start my own thread soon and showcase my park. SCR1.BMP ("test" picture) In case anyone was curious this is Flux from Kitchen's Koasters Theme Park
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