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Millennium Force Cable

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If anybody is planning to go to Cedar Point in the next few weeks, don't get your hopes up for Millennium Force to be running. Yesterday the cable apparently snapped. Last time this happened the ride was down for about 2 weeks. There are rumors saying that it was actually a catch car problem, and if that is the case who knows when the ride will reopen.


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First TTD gets stuck on the top hat, and now MF's cable breaks...


What's up with CP lately??


Next I predict, Maverick will explode and Raptor will derail...

Haha! Do I predict that Wicked Twister is going to fly off the top of one of the spikes! Anywho... Back on topic! I can not believe this happened. I mean I know coasters are not perfect, and things go wrong... But OMG! This is insane! But makes for a great picture!


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Anyone know of exactly what was happening when it broke?


I imagine we would have heard by now if it snapped while taking a loaded train up...but then again maybe not.

I did a bit of research and came up with this...
The lift cable on Millennium Force broke today during test runs, apparently stranding employees on the ride.
Those were some lucky employees!


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