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Coke or Pepsi?

Coke or Pepsi? Which kind of person are you?  

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  1. 1. Coke or Pepsi? Which kind of person are you?

    • Coke Is it!
    • I'm a Coke person, but will drink Pepsi if I have to.
    • Pepsi all the way!
    • I'm a Pepsi person, but I'll drink Coke if I have to.

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I've always been a Coke person. I went through a phase where I wouldn't drink Pepsi....EVER, but then I realized that was silly and stupid, but I certainly will choose Coke over Pepsi whenever possible.


And on many occassions what a food location serves WILL influence my desicion. For example, we've started going to Subway a LOT more now that they have switched over to Coke, and we go to Baja Fresh a lot less since they switched over to Pepsi.


We've also noticed that the rapid decline in Knott's also happened about the same time they switched to Pepsi....hmmm....



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I'm a coke person. I used to like pepsi a lot better when I was younger and they still had the old packaging (red and white), but it seems as though everytime they change the packaging it gets worse and worse...hmm..same goes for coke too...not as good...but still better than pepsi

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I'm a die hard Coke fan. Can't stand the taste of Pepsi! I actually always drank Sprite until I made a trip to the World of Coke in Atlanta. By the time I was done with the museum, I was wanting a Coke worse than I ever have before, and haven't stopped drinking it since.


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Both are good. If I had to choose one I'd choose coke. But it seems to me the coke has more of a bite to it then Pepsi. Pepsi seems smoother and sweeter. So, If I'm just sitting in an Air Conditioned room a coke seems good. But if its a hot summer day then Pepsi seems to taste better.


Michael"Pepsi also chuggs better!"Thomas

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Honestly, I will drink about any Coke product. I used to drink Pepsi all the time. But, pepsi seems to get flat within an hour if you don't drink it.

Leave a coke out for 8 hours and it still has carbonation. I did the test. I'll pick Coke over it anytime. Though I do like Pepsi Vanilla on a rare occasion.


Katie, who Loves Dr. Pepper!, O.

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^Isn't Busch in bed with Pepsi?


Or is that just at the parks? Or do you get to keep your own opinions!?


It's really all about price. Who will sell the product cheaper. My first year at SeaWorld it was Pepsi, then it was coke for a little while, and then in 2000 it was Pepsi again.


I helped setup the national contract for Pepsi to be in all BEC parks.


Those were the days.

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YOU WHAT?!?!?!






BRING BACK COKE (And straws!)


Sorry Elissa, I don't do purchasing anymore... I brew beer, and that's sad


Oh, and "For the safety of the animals, we do not provide lids or straws" If I had a penny for every time I had to say that... And I worked behind the scenes.

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