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Influenza Epidemic, affects parks and fairs.

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The media is doing a bad job of reporting how BAD this is. In times of widespread disease, all you need to do is keep a clear and calm head and be prepared.


Wash your hands more frequently, keep hand saniziter with you at all times and generally don't go insane over an outbreak unless the WHO say otherwise. When the WHO is beyond worry, I start getting upset but I turn to the WHO and the UN during times like this. I've always liked the efforts the WHO put out to assure what the situation is and the methods they use to try to keep the General Public calm.


The reason why people get overworked on the subject of pandemics is usually they hear of things from an unrealiable public source. This is why the WHO exists, trust them and they'll keep you calm.


I'm just taking note of my current surroundings and keeping hand sanitizer with me when I head to Kings Island this weekend. If I don't carry it with me, I'll just rewash my hands alot more often.


IF people think THIS is bad enough, just wait until a REAL CONFIRMED pandemic strikes. THEN it's time to panic, but until then stay calm, stay cool and just be careful and wash hands more frequently and get vaccinated.


God bless everyone, because times may get tougher in the months ahead.

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This is true, which is why organizations like the WHO and CDC are concerned. But we have confirmed and suspected cases in the US and ZERO deaths. Mexico is the only place where there have been any fatalities so far.


They're concerned. If they weren't, wouldn't their exitence be somewhat pointless?


One thing no one is reporting on is, the age, and the availability of medicine to the people that have died. Seems kind of like an obvious thing to ask....


Matt "still waiting for the bird flu outbreak" Jacobs

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This is why the WHO exists, trust them and they'll keep you calm.

I always rock out to them instead.


And as for the flu thing, I'm far more concerned about HRRR getting completed. If that coaster doesn't open soon, I'll have nothing to live for anyway.

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Yeah, whatever happened with that bird flu that everyone was so hot about these past years. The way they were covering it here in the US, I was expecting to see birds randomly falling from the sky, crashing into car windshields and exploding into viscous, green virus juice or something.


Now that I say that, I'll probably get Bird Fly and Swine Flu at the same time. Nice knowing you all!

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I wonder how overwhelmed emergency rooms are going to become over the next few weeks with people suffering from the common cold. I'm living in Texas and am getting over a cold right now, so as of yesterday I had like 9 of 10 symptoms. My guess is a lot of people will be seeking care at that first sniffle.

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I should start up a company selling Hazmat suits at a discounted price.


But seriously, there's what...about 20 or so cases here out of how many people in the entire US population? Not to mention that everyone who has it in the US is recovering. Not worried about it at all. Now we need to have some comedy show come up with something where porky pig, wilber, or piglet gets the Swine flu. Mad TV did so with big bird and the bird flu.

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Swine Flu Case Confirmed In Orlando


ORLANDO, Fla. -- Eyewitness News has learned of Orlando's first confirmed case of swine flu. According to the chief medical officer for Adventist Health System, Loran Hauck, the case was diagnosed Tuesday morning.


"A case was diagnosed here in Orlando today on a tourist from Mexico who came to Disney attractions two days ago to visit," Hauck wrote in an email obtained by Eyewitness News.


No further details have been released, but Eyewitness News is working to learn specifically what days the tourist was at the parks and which park the tourist went to.


Details about the tourist, beyond being from Mexico, have not been released.


Eyewitness News contacted the Orange County Health Department late Tuesday morning. They said they were unable to confirm the report.


Disney told Eyewitness News late Tuesday morning that they have not received any confirmation about a swine flu case involving a guest.



Just a heads up for you guys to monitor.

I'm not much of a doomsday kind of person and hoping this isn't to bad but I think it's safe to say this is coming to all corners of the US.

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They're concerned. If they weren't, wouldn't their exitence be somewhat pointless?


It also might be because a new virus strain that is rapidly tearing through the human population is something to be concerned about.


I do think panic is very premature when at this point the fear seems to be that the virus "could mutate into something nastier".

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I wouldn't consider a couple hundred cases, rapidly tearing through.


The CDC only reports cases that they have confirmed with lab testing. The real number is likely to be much higher. Geographically, yes, this is rapidly moving around.


The real question is the acuity of the infected. From what I had read about the several suspected cases in NJ, the cases are relatively mild.




WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Centers for Disease Control said on Tuesday it had confirmed a total of 64 human cases of swine flu across the country.


The CDC's web site said the new total included 10 cases in California, 2 in Kansas, 45 in New York, one in Ohio and 6 in Texas. It did not include an additional case reported by Indiana state authorities.


The CDC was due to hold a news briefing at 2:30 p.m. EDT/1830 GMT. The new strain of swine flu has killed up to 149 people in Mexico, but cases seen elsewhere have been mild.

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Please. Don´t panic about this disease.


The worst thing you can do is panic at this moment. Here are the tips that the media and goverment is giving to the people:


- Avoid crowded places

- Wash your hands every hour.

- Don´t touch your face if you haven´t washed your hands.

- Avoid waving hands

- Avoid hugs

- Use Clinical Mask if you need to be in crowded places.


Today, the goverment announces new dispositions:


- All shools in the country are closed.

- All gyms are closed.

- Restaurants can´t give service on site, only food packaged for eating at home.

- Some public transport will be closed for some specific hours.


Also, the people at the city is going out for panic shopping.


The most required products are:


- Face masks

- Alcohol-based gel hand disinfectant

- Purified Water

- Canned food


Right now the city is calmed, and the recommendation is "Just be cautious", Don´t be indifferent, and don´t panic.


I hope you find this useful to be cautious.


I´ll keep you informed.

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Ginzo is right on the money with “could mutate into something nastier”

This is moving very fast, and as WHO declared is person to person. The key still is the full effects and how wide spread is it really.


I do think people should take this situation with more then a grain of salt, just in case.


Heck early word out of NY.

“New York City Health Commissioner: 'Many Hundreds' of School Students Sick With Suspected Swine Flu”


“Los Angeles Officials Probe Two Possible Swine Flu Deaths”


I just feel like the media is doing a very poor job in educating the public on this.


Confirmed cases are just those that the CDC has lab tested not to count in the large numbers that would have been moved though the clinics with just a suspected flu not knowing better and not counting those who have not seen a doctor. Effects are different in each of us.

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Does anybody else see this as some sort of Bird Flu/West Nile/Mad Cow Disease-type scare where the media tries to prophesize some sort of pandemic to get more viewers?


It seems that swine flu has the exact same symptoms as the regular flu has. Could all these people suspected to have swine flu just have the regular flu?


It could just be a regular case of the flu... But I'm washing my hands more often just in case.


Dan - swine flu jut HAD to pick the springtime to infect everybody - Nguyen

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Does anybody else see this as some sort of Bird Flu/West Nile/Mad Cow Disease-type scare where the media tries to prophesize some sort of pandemic to get more viewers?

Of course, on some level....that's their job. And while a good amount of the public has become desensitized to the oversensationalism of most media reports, when names like the WHO and the CDC express concern, there is certainly a credible reason to follow the happenings.


Also, while some of the early "panic" is laughable and worthy of jokes, it'd be stupid to assume that there isn't a ton of work going on behind the scenes in a HUGE effort to thwart all of these types of pandemic possibilities.


Bird Flu, West Nile, and Mad Cow didn't just disappear because the news outlets stopped airing stories on them.

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^ I know that the CDC and the WHO are working around the clock to try to find a way to keep people away from the new virus and when it comes to global diseases, I generally trust those sources more than I trust 24 hour news. However, the thing is that 24 hour news is really blowing this situation out of proportion, like they do everything else.


Now I know that West Nile, SARS, Bird Flu, and Mad Cow Disease did not go away after the media stopped covering them, but these epidemics unneccisarily engulfed the world in chaos because the news media over-sensationalized them.


Overall, I hope this disease eventually dies down in the near future.

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The fact of the matter is that we are due for a pandemic, history shows that major pandemics occur three to four times in a century, there were 3 pandemics in the last century, 1918, 1957, and 1967.


It will be interesting to see, if the virus does become a pandemic, how this effects the industry. I believe that if it gets really bad, the government will force all parks to suspend operation.

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My father has worked in the pharma industry (he is super smart about disease/bacteria/and medications) for 30+ years...his professional advice he gave to me to relay to my boyfriend (who works in NYC):


"If somebody sneezes....RUN!"



He is a funny guy. But all seriousness, if you get ill, quickly go see a doctor to get tested for the bug.


It seems like it is really spreading in NYC:



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