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Influenza Epidemic, affects parks and fairs.

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Er, you mean they aren't taking any chances, right? They actually are taking "precautions."


HAHA! Good catch, Chuck! Sometime's I fail even when I proof-read my statements!


Interesting that they still have not been able to determine if this kid actually has swine flu. Guess they'll leave him and his family in quarantine till they know for sure.


I was even more amazed to hear that a plane was diverted from Washington to Boston (from Munich) because someone complained of a runny nose? Anyone know why they would have diverted the plane to Boston?

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A new kind of Influenza epidemic disease, is hitting Mexico City and all the parks and fairs are closing until the emergency is over. This Virus passes through humans on dark and enclosed sites, and also on short distances. That’s why the government closed thousands of activities where big masses of people are concentrated, like sports and stadiums events, concerts, cinemas, theaters, public places, and massive events.


The parks and fairs were no exception:


Six Flags Mexico attendances dropped the past weekend. The park opened with dark and enclosed rides out of operation. The park is evaluating the situation to determine if the park will open next weeks.


La Feria de Chapultepec only opened Saturday, and Sunday didn’t opened.


Other small parks and water parks in the city, announced that they will remain closed until the emergency is over.


On other states, the parks are announcing that they will close this week until is safer to have hundreds of visitors on their installations.


Also, the most important fairs of all the country, “Feria de San Marcos” at Aguascalientes, home of “Tsunami” (Zonga), have to cancel all the activities until next year.


No one knows when this will finish, but it’s a fact that the national tourism, the amusement industry and all the entertainment business, are loosing thousands of millions dollars, caused by this Virus.



I am really sad to hear about this news. I am planning to have a tour in Mexico sometime third quarter of the year and I am so worried about the disease. I am wondering if there is a safe destination in Mexico which is not affected by the said virus. Would you know any place? Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

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News from Ground Zero (Mexico City)!!


It seems that the virus is more controlled, and tomorrow, the theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, stadiums, malls, discotheques, bars, cinemas, and all the entertainment business will open again and will return to normal operations.


Today, highscool students are returning to classes, and next week the rest of the students.


If you plan to visit Mexico next weeks the recommendations are:


- Use face mask.

- Wash your hands with alcohol based gel.

- Avoid as possible crowded places.


If someone wants or need more information, feel free to contact me and I´ll help you on anything you need.


See ya´

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Today opens Six Flags Mexico and with a half prize promotion on general admission.


They are using the new atracctions on TV spots to attract people.


- Dark Knight Coaster

- Van Helsing Live


Lets see if this actions are effective.

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^ Thats just about the worst thing you can do, if the virus is more "controlled" then let it die down and don't re-open the public places just yet, that will just cause more contamination.


The mortality rate for swine flu is in line with seasonal flu now. So your saying keep stuff shut down when it turns out it isn't as big a deal as people thought? The economy is already in bad shape, people need to get back to work, shopping, and entertaining stat! It'll be okay. Wash your hands a lot, cough into your sleeve, and avoid touching your eyes and mouth. Seriously, people need to calm down already.


-James Dillaman

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I have a question about the actual situation. I want to fly to the USA at 22nd of May to make a trip which includes the following parks:


Busch Gardens Virginia

Kings Dominion

Six Flags America

Six Flags Great Adventure

Dorney Park




Cedar Point

Kings Island

Holiday World

Six Flags St. Louis


At the newscast here in Germany they say, that the number increases of H1N1/A virus infected people.


Is there any appearance that some of these parks will be closed in fact of the H1N1/A infections?


Thank you beforehand.



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^^Actually, swine-flu "hysteria" has pretty much died down in the U.S. (Actually, I think the media outlets were more hysterical than the people about it.)

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