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Musical Instruments


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I used to (way back when) used to play Clarinet, but kinda stopped as I was borrowing the school's and mine still needs repair. Now, (though I need to get back to it) I play bass, and my bro just got some rhythm bones (he's a drummer/percussionist) for his birthday. We both were trying to figure it out and is quite fun. Basically, they're like cow ribs you shake between your fingers.

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Joined a band over the weekend, sold my two crap guitars for 250, and am currently in the process of purchasing this beauty....


A Gibson Les Paul Studio: Vintage Mahogany.


I like it better than the other studios. This has:

-Better pickups IMO (Burstbucker Pros)

-Lighter Body

-Smoother Neck

-Great Vintage Finish

-Awesome crunch on overdrive, smooth on clean


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I have two electric guitars, two acoustic guitars, a bass guitar, a ukelele, 3 keyboards, a Ukulele, A Bontempi Organ (Look It Up!) and a few other random bits and pieces, I'm kinda like a collector, except I play all my instruments!


But mainly I am a drummer, I have an old bashed up kit, a tama swingstar in vintage red, a custom OCDP in Baby Blue and loadsa random percussion!


Basically I am a lucky B*stard who loves music!


EDIT: I now have a Stylophone, Hell Yeah!

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I don't play anything, but I want to learn to play guitar.



I play:


The Piano, drums, and electric base.


I'm learnind the guitar so I can look cooler than I am.




Just saying, when your talking music, (or sound) it isn't spelled base but bass. It is still pronounced base though. (Thank you all the geniuses who had to make the English language so god-damned complex) e.g. Bass Guitar, Bass Drum, Double Bass pedal (The iron cobra thing up this page is a double bass pedal) ect.


Just saying.

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Here are some pictures of my guitar that is autographed by The Shins!




James Mercer (Top Left, upside down), Martin Crandall (Top Right, also upside down), Jesse Sandoval (Middle, also upside down), Eric Johnson (Bottom middle, No not the ones on the site!)


My guitar from farther away

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