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Six Flags South Carolina 1975-Today [RCT3]

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We are slowly progressing on next year's addition. It's beginning to get interesting! I can't wait to share with you all what are big plans are for next year! The train has closed for the rest of the season as a portion of the track is being re-routed to make way for the new addition. The ride will also receive a new station next year. I will keep you updated.

- Michael May




Here is a better view of the entire area being affected by next year's addition.




Much of the affected track has already been removed.

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The first one was at Tokyo Dome City in 1980, which was only to be removed 4 years later.


The park is looking great, extremely realistic, and simply flawless.

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Hello and welcome to the third season at Charleston Gardens Amusement Park. We have had quite the off season. While there are no new rides at Charleston Gardens this season, we do have an entire new midway full of shops, restaurants, and a new train station for the Charleston Railway. We have named this new area "Atlantic Avenue".

- Michael May




Cajun Cafe features... you guessed it... Cajun-styled entrees!




Here is a shot of Atlantic Avenue, the yellow building is the new train station.




After turning off of Atlantic Avenue you'll encounter the new train bridge. This bridge eliminates the need for a crossing that might disrupt traffic flow through the park.




Here is a better view of the train station.

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My name is David Hendren and I am the Financial Director of Charleston Gardens Amusement Park. Since you are a member of the Charleston Gardens Board of Directors, I need to bring you up to date on the current status of the park:


We're a few weeks into the season and unfortunately our attendance numbers are a far cry from last season's. With no new rides this year we were somewhat prepared for a small dip in attendance, but the park has really taken a hit. We are working with investors to see what we can bring to the park next season, but as I'm sure you know, few guests equals little funding.


However, we are looking into several ways of bringing guests back to the park, including hosting a city-wide talent show later in the season, concerts, and discounted tickets.


I will try to keep you all updated as the season progresses. Michael and the entire Charleston Gardens team are working diligently to make sure the park is successful and profitable. We know many of you on the board are also investors, so while you have already been notified, we want to keep you updated.


Thank you for your time.


Nick Hendren,

Financial Director

Charleston Gardens Amusement Park



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Dear Board of Directors,


It is with my regret that I announce my resignation as my position as General Manager of Charleston Gardens Amusement Park. While I deeply regret my leaving, I cannot stand by and watch Charleston Gardens operate as it is. Nearly half of the rides in the park are awaiting maintanence parts. While I pride myself in the park itself, the company that owns Charleston Gardens, South Carolina Entertainment Company, is not experiencing the best of its days. While I cannot elaborate on this, I believe some money has been placed in the wrong hands.


I greatly appreciate the time I have had to get to know and work with you all. I wish nothing but the best for this park and I hope that myself and the founding partners are able to witness Charleston Gardens Amusement Park operating successfully in the future.


Thank you and the best of luck in the future.


Michael May



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September 3, 1977


CHARLESTON - In 1973, ground broke on what was to become Charleston's only amusement park. The park was the brainchild of a group of men who formed the South Carolina Amusements Company. Through private investors, they were able to complete Phase I of the park in time for a 1975 opening. Phase I included several family rides and a mine train rollercoaster. Phase II was originally going to open the following year. It was to feature an extended mainstreet with a large indoor concert hall, a wooden rollercoaster, and three new family rides.




Unfortunately funding was not available for the complete Phase II project, so Michael May, former manager of the amusement park, and the park's Board of Directors decided to split Phase II into a three-year plan. The wooden coaster opened in 1976 and the extended mainstreet - minus the concert hall - opened in 1977. However during the first few months of the 1977 season, several members of the South Carolina Amusements Company began to panic at the lackluster crowds that were passing through the turnstiles. One man by the name of Charles White went as far as to create false attendance reports to mislead potential investors. He also talked existing investors into pulling out of the project. When May and two of his business partners discovered what was happening, they left the company, including May leaving his position as general manager.




On September 1st, 1977, South Carolina Amusements Company filed for bankruptcy and immediately placed Charleston Gardens for sale - either as a whole or ride by ride. The park has been operating until the scheduled end of the month when the season concludes. But with the announcement of a bankruptcy-ridden company, closed rides, and laid-off staff, the park's attendance levels suffered even more.




If the park does not sell as a whole before October, South Carolina Entertainment Company (SCEC) will begin liquidating all assets. An auction will take place in the theater on October 15th if a sale has not been made.


Locals are saddened by the outcome of the park. One says, "It's hard to believe that a park that was operating at max capacity only a year ago is now in a nearly-abandoned state."




In August a ride that had been malfunctioning frequently was removed. Originally a sign was displayed that read "New ride coming in 1978!" was removed after the bankruptcy announcement was made. Sources within the industry say that the one fatal flaw with the park was a breakdown of communication between the park and the SCEC members after the 1977 season began. Many are quick to speculate that May was aware of the goings on at SCEC with White, and was quietly looking for a new owner in case things went bad.


It will be interesting to watch in the coming weeks to see who, if anyone, will step up to the plate to handle this seemingly troublesome park.


- Carter Smithers

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^ If I'm not mistaken, Bally/Six Flags was the only company that was purchasing new parks in the 70s with Astroworld and Great Adventure being the first two. All the other companies that were operating parks (Taft, Marriott, Disney, Busch) were busy operating new parks to buy new parks at the time.

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"It's October 2nd, if they someone doesn't buy the park before the 14th, then the park will never reopen!"

- Johny Reid




"I was on the last train on Derecho on closing day... I hope I wasn't the last train ever!"

- Suzie May




"I hope the park opens up next year - I made several good friends while working at the park this year."

- Mandy Martin




"We love you Charleston Gardens!"

- Caldwell Elementary, Mrs. Jones' class.

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