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  1. ^ I had the same problem as gcoasters so i tried putting them in C:\ Program Files\ Atari\ RollerCoaster Tycoon 3\ Cars\ TrackedRideCars And then i opened up my game went to extended coaster, made a really small track, but then when i went to select the type of cars i went threw every one but the floorless one i dowloaded wasnt there as one of the options. Any ideas what i did wrong?
  2. Do you use a certain program to edit pictures, if you do what program is it?
  3. Hey people! sometimes when i look at other people's rct3 parks the backround for the park is a city. When i tried to change the backround on my game the only two options are "None, and Mountains" Is there some thing that i have to download to get the city backround, if there is could someone post a link? well that's all so please comment if you have an answer. ADMIN EDIT: Moved into the RCT3 Help Thread. No need to start a new thread. And no need to requote your post after this one.
  4. Yesterday I got bored so I decided to walk over and see how the park's going. Nothing much has changed except a new building (probably a restraunt) that I found over by the new vekoma boomerang. I took a skyline picture from the beach. That's all for now, Please comment. DCQ- No caption. Wow it has two stories. pretty cool. Look's like a pretty cool building. I guess... Okay enough coaster pics time for the new restraunt. (probably) And a pic of the un-named Arrow looper. New vekoma boomerang. (I fixed the shwarzkopf looping support) Here's a picture of the park's entrance. Here's the entrance into the parking lot. Hmm looks cool.
  5. Hello people. Sorry that I havent posted in a while I've been a little busy. Any way just got back from the park and lot's of construction has happened. The parks parking lot got finished and there's a new coaster! So enjoy the update! Well that's it for now. please comment. DCQ- The new vekoma just looks awesome. Great view of the new coaster from the new parking lot. Now onto the new coaster photos! I can already tell this ride is going to make me very dizzy. Cant't think of caption but... it looks cool. Well, here's the parking lot. (Exciting)
  6. Hey everyone. Alot has happened since last time. First off the new coaster was finished and it looks great, but is still nameless. Secondly two new flat rides were added. Thirdly a new restaraunt to complete the entrance area. So here are pics of it all! I'll end with a pic of the new chairswing. Please comment. DCQ- One of the new flat rides is places in the middle of the new coasters layout. I tried to get a pic where you could see all the restraunt... I failed this is as good as i could do. Here's a pic of the new restaraunt again don't know what it's called. After the brake you ho through two corkscrews. Brake run photo! I wonder what the name is. Here's the view from the street... Now onto the coaster pics!
  7. Hey just got back from the park again. Lot's of work was done on the new coaster since I last saw it. So anyway here. I'll end this with another pic of the new coaster. more soon please comment DCQ- Brake run pic. Wow that looks like a fun first drop! Here you can see the first loop and some other inversion. Here's the two corkscrews. Lot's has been done on this coaster since I last saw it. Here's a pic of the station. The parks skyline is coming along quite nicely.
  8. That car park isn't the one for the park. That car park is the car park for the hotel building next to the park. The hotel is not owned by the park so yeah. It's a city owned hotel.
  9. Well, yesterday i visited the park again to see if there were any construction updates here's the pics i took. Any ideas??? Please comment DCQ- Hmmm????? I also found a new little... Area thing. You can see some of it from the entrance! Yay! A new flat ride.
  10. Hey everyone! Yesterday I went to the park to see if they had gotten anything done. They did and it was alot! The entrance is probably almost finished. Now instead of reading this on and on i bet you just want to see some pics. so yeah. That's all for now more soon. please comment DCQ- And a little bathroom hangout spot. More bathroom pictures! Yay more bathrooms! And an empty building... probably a gift shop. Well the entrance has a cool fountain and it's working.
  11. _____________________________________________________________ That's all for today. DCQ- Bathrooms.....exciting. Guest services. Behind the booths. Same view from another angle. Here's what the check in booths look like. incase you can't see it the sign says Melbourne Beach. Hello I live around the construction site for the new amusement park being built. From now on I'll keep you up to date on the latest form the new amusement park.
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