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Six Flags South Carolina 1975-Today [RCT3]

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This park is beautiful and realistic! I like the way you're doing it, because I love "timeline" parks. One question, in the future, is next year's attraction going to be a "family-ride" (i.e. Carolina Calamity) or is it going to be a "big thrill? (Yes, I know the park will be in 1976, so no B&Ms or Intamin rockets.) Either way, it's a great park, at least 15x better than what I could do on RTC3 when I had it! Keep up the good work!

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We had our first breakdown at the park today. The Great Twist had a malfunction that kept riders on the ride for almost an hour. Thankfully it was not a serious issue and it was quickly resolved. Unfortunately some of our guests were understandably not happy.




I tried to keep guests entertained as we fixed the ride.




We gave all of the affected guests and their families free tickets for another day, yet some were still unhappy with the overall experience.




The theater sat quiet with tonight being an off-night.




With most schools starting, crowds overall were rather light.




Yet guests were still entering the park two hours before closing.




The carousel always looks great illuminated by the setting sun.


- - - - - - -




Today we took some aeriel shots of Carolina Calamity from above for the PR department.




The ride makes good use of its surroundings.




The ride drops under its own station.




A totem pole can be found in the middle of the second helix.




Another group of riders exit satisfied!




I have to say, while the job can be stressful, seeing everything come together makes it worth it.

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Well it's February and we've had one hell of an off-season. While I cannot go into details (because that would ruin the upcoming announcement), I can tell you that we're very lucky to still be on schedule. I'm sure most of you have seen the News and Courier article by now, but if not I have attached a snippet below. I'm not sure how they got this close to the park, we're not exactly in the middle of the city. We will be investigating this more. Trespassing is not allowed.


- Michael May



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Hello all and welcome to our second season which also happens to be a special date for our country. Now before I announce our new addition, I would like to give a little background on it. In late November, an unusual squall line of severe thunderstorms moved through the Charleston area, greatly damaging the lift of this new ride. Our only option was to remove the lift and start over. We were not sure we would be able to open the coaster at the beginning of the season like we had hoped. But due to the hard work by our construction workers, the ride was completed on schedule.


We had already chosen a name for the ride, but after the storm came through, we decided to rename the coaster... Derecho, which is what came through Charleston last November.


Derecho stands over 100 feet tall and features a 101 foot drop. The ride features an out-and-back layout with numerous bunny hills. The trains are made up of six four-seater cars, allowing for 24 people to ride.






The lifthill greatly changes the skyline of our park!




Derecho's first drop is a big one!




Two large hills follow the first drop.




The turnaround.




Here's a better view of the turnaround.




You experience a good deal of "air time" right here.




The home stretch back to the station.

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Well, we're about a week from opening and we've still got some minor things to finish up before everything gets rolling. We're expecting big crowds this season, especially with the addition of Derecho.

- Michael May




The queue and station house for Derecho were completed last week.




As you can tell by this ride's colors, it was originally going to be named something more patriotic than "Derecho".




You can see most of the layout here.




Derecho gives Parachute Falls a nice backdrop.




Our skyline has changed forever!




What a sight...




Hey guys I am leaving for a mission trip in the Appalachian mountains tomorrow and I won't be back until next Sunday so unfortunately there won't be any updates until then. Wish us luck, we hope to get alot done!

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Your use of custom scenery has gotta be the best I have ever seen, and your station for the woodie is absolutly awesome, wish I could be that creative in RCT3!, can't wait until Scwarzkopf re-invents the vertical loop, I hear they are pretty fun to ride......hint hint

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Welcome to the first day of our second season! The crowds today far surpassed last year's turnout. I have a gut feeling it had something to do with our new giant, Derecho.

- Michael May




The entrance area was packed before the park opened its gates for the day!




Some arrived as early as two hours before opening!




Seeing the ride in person made quite a few guests have second thoughts about riding, it's alot larger in person!




A new gift shop was constructed adjacent to the entrance of Derecho. In it you can find American-themed apparel. Our 200th birthday is right around the corner!




The first excited guests entered Derecho's queue line about five minutes after we opened.




The tension builds!




We'll have to wait until the train comes back to hear what the first group of riders think!

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I have more pictures of Derecho's first ride for you!

- Michael May




The first drop towers over the rest of the park.




The second and third hills aren't much smaller!




The turnaround provides a short relief.




But soon it's back to the fun!

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Awesome work, Derecho is beautiful, I cant wait to see whats next*There will be a particular white coaster opening at Magic Mountain soon that I would love to see something similar to.* There's my opinion, once again, great park and great coaster.

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Hello! We are one week into our season and the crowds have been excellent! They have far surpassed our initial expectations.

- Michael May




This is a good crowd for a Monday in May!




I cannot release details, but this area will change drastically in the future.




Parachute Falls is still the tallest ride in the park.




During the lunchtime hour the line for Derecho and the other rides get shorter... that's when I ride!

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I stayed late tonight to get some pictures of Derecho at night. It's quite a sight to see!

- Michael May




The sun sets over Charleston Gardens Amusement Park.




As nighttime sets in, Derecho is illuminated beautifully.




Most of the ride can be seen thanks to the lighting.

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Hello! We are only a couple of months into our second season, but the groundwork for next year's addition has already begun! While I cannot say what exactly it will be, it will be huge addition!




Right now this area is open to guests, but it acts more as an access route from the parking lot to the back of the park.




Crews have already cleared out a large plot of land.




The Great Twist is down again. I think we're going to begin looking at whether spending the money on the frequent repairs is a wise investment. What do you think?

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