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Six Flags South Carolina 1975-Today [RCT3]

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Well folks we are a couple of weeks away from Charleston Gardens Amusement Park's grand opening! We are spotting up the paint jobs, hanging up the remainder of the signs, and doing little things as we prepare for the big day. Over the next several days leading up to the opening we'll be having members of the media tour the park for stories. Our public relations department has done a fine job at sending memos to all of the news stations.




Our skyline might be small now, but I have a feeling big things are in store for our future.




The entrance is empty now, but that will all change in a short amount of time!




The rides are completing their final rounds of testing to ensure safety for our guests.




I was able to ride Carolina Calamity! For a smaller coaster, it packs quite the punch.




The park glows at night. Sometimes as I'm leaving the park to go home I pause and take it all in.




Even with everything closed... it still has this glow to it.




It feels like home already.




I can't wait for it to truly come to life.




I will be out of town for a week starting tomorrow. I'll be at Busch Gardens Tampa on June 4th - If you'll be there send me a PM. While I will have access to the forum I won't have access to the game so this will be the last update for a while. Thanks for your continued support!

- CD5

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I just read the thread from front to back. This park even with it's small amount of rides is already amazing; like your other parks. The architecture of the buildings is really nice and the layout of everything is spectacular. Can't wait 'till the park opens! Have fun at Busch Gardens by the way!

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Our beautiful park has openend its doors to astonishing amounts of people! We never expected to have this turnout on our first day. We would like to extend our gratitude to the residents of surrounding communities who flocked to Charleston Gardens Amusement Park on this beautiful April Saturday.

- Michael May




At first we were a bit worried as the earlybird rush wasn't what we expected.




But the the flow of guests quickly began to increase.




The line for the carousel quickly filled.




It was great to see Parachute Falls finally operating!




We got a great response from The Great Twist!




But of course the most popular ride of the day was Carolina Calamity!




I'm not sure there was a train that wasn't full all day!




The final drop under the station suprised many!




The bumper cars were also very popular.




Everyone seemed to enjoy Monster Mash Hotel!




I am humbled that the guests greatly exceeded our expectations. Tomorrow is a bright day.

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The Good:

- It reminds me of a cross between Marriott's Great America and Magic Kingdom.

- Everything about the park looks incredible so far.


The Bad:

- Can't find anything negative to say.



- I'm looking forward to seeing more of this park in future years. From what I've seen so far it's amazing.

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We continue to see the crowds! I have been busy all this week helping to promote the park and conduct day-to-day business, but I took some time off to walk through the park this afternoon.

- Michael May




It's fun to watch Parachute Falls from a distance. You can see how massive it really is.




Everyone seems to enjoy the view!




Our excellent ride operators work diligently to keep the lines short.




The lemonade stand is a great place to take a break.

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I was able to visit the park as a guest tonight, something I don't often do. I have to say, it's a relief to see the park after the sun sets... it's quite cooler!

- Michael May




Our mascot, Ellie the Elephant patrols the park entertaining guests throughout the day.




The bumper cars play lively music that fills the midway.




I ended my day with a ride on the Sky Wheel... the queue is very bright at night!

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We're halfway into our first season and I'm very pleased to announced we have the go-ahead to build a large scale attraction that was originally going to open with the park this past April. Things are about to get exciting!

- Michael May




I can't release any details yet, but this shot will look very different next summer!




As will this!




Move over Carolina Calamity, you won't be ruler of the park for long!




Something bigger and badder is on the way.




As I said earlier, things are about to get VERY interesting!

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Something big is going to happen and I'm really looking forward to it.


If you don't mind me asking though. What effect are you putting on your pictures to make them look like that? They look really good!


I'm using Picasa, a free program from google. On many of the pictures I go halfway between black and white and color.

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^ Glow effect in Picasa.




Hello again! I took a helicopter ride with the designer of our upcoming addition to get a better view of the site clearing which has just started. Take a look for yourself!

- Michael May




Our park doesn't have a perfect shape now, but it will in the coming seasons!




The clearing has begun!




I took the designer on Parachute Falls for another great view of the area.




This is a great way to end the day!

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You should also check out The GIMP. It's a photoshop replica but 'tis free! But Picasa is great too, I've been playing around with it for the past few days myself.


As for the latest update, I didn't actually realise how much land there was at the park! I love the log flume, It's my favourite ride so far!

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This is one of the only parks that I am following at the moment, your attention to detail is staggering, my one question though.....



.......Please, when will you release a download pack featuring your park?!?!


I know with all the CS your park features it would be a big download, but I would love to walk around and enjoy the wonders of your park.

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