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Six Flags South Carolina 1975-Today [RCT3]

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Those are awesome, just one thing:


Would you please upload the farewell video with some other music (just something from youtube or whatever, doesnt matter), so people (i guess there's more than just myself) in countries where the video is blocked, also can watch. Would be much appreciated.

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OMG what a superlative park!! I was just about to load my "Lost Gardens of Babylon" onto the site, but I dunno...after something as wonderful as this, my park resembles "Lost Attempts at Mediocrity" moreso than what I thought it did.

Maybe I will load after rehab and PT this month; WONDERFUL PARK!! Keep the brilliance up!!


Scott "Recovering at Snails Pace but Still Kicking" Mayfield

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Hey guys.


Again, the support for this park that you guys have given this park has really been extraordinary. Some the replies you all have left me have given me chills. They're that moving! I do miss the park a bit. A couple of times I've gone to prepare an update only to realize there are no more updates to prepare!


Just a little update on what's to come. I suggest if you're interested in getting advanced previews of my upcoming projects, you pay close attention to my Facebook and Twitter accounts:


Twitter: http://twitter.com/coasterdude5

Facebook: http://facebook.com/cd5productions


I don't want to start official threads on this forum until I have alot to share. I'll be sharing the previews on Twitter and Facebook.


Also, I am working on getting the SFSC finale video uploaded to another website for those of you that have experienced viewing problems. I hope to have that done by the end of this week.


Thanks again!

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Awesome park! Been following since page 1. Would it be possible to take some of the buildings you built in this park and share them as custom structures? I would love to bring some of your buildings to my park, but without a park download I can't.


Love the main entrance structures, the Scooby Doo structure, etc.


Let me know.

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What a fantastic adventure this has been! I've been watching this park for almost a year, and, every time I see it, I'm amazed that anybody could make work as beautiful as this on a game like RCT3. No matter how much effort I could ever put into a park, I'm sure I'd never be able to make a masterpiece as good at SFSC.


Great job on the park! Thank you for providing us with a park that gave us thrills, chills, spills, anticipation, heartbreak, and most of all, awesome roller coasters. I'm sad that it has to end, but what a ride it was...


Patrick C.

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Hello guys, I thought since a year (and a few days) have passed since I ended Six Flags South Carolina, I would give a small update on what's going on in the fictional world of SFSC and in the world of CD5.


Soon I hope to start work on a new park which will have a timeline element but will be presented in a completely different manner than any of my previous projects. I am also working on a very exciting film which you will hear more about in the coming months.


You can keep up with what I'm doing on Twitter and Facebook.


Six Flags South Carolina Update: One Year Later




Six Flags Conference Call Recap: Six Flags South Carolina


In 2011, APOCALYPSE THE RIDE opened at Six Flags South Carolina. Commonly referred to as a family wooden coaster, APOCALYPSE THE RIDE stands only 80 feet tall, and features a 2,400 foot track course full of bunny hills, banked turns, and a spiraling first drop.



The coaster was built in the space formerly occupied by the Skycoaster attraction. Both coaster enthusiasts and families alike have raved about the new coaster.



APOCALYPSE THE RIDE at Six Flags South Carolina



In late June of 2012, the 15-acre Hurricane Harbor water park is expected to open, featuring 25 water slides and attractions that are sure to keep guests cool during the hot South Carolina summer months. The waterpark will be a separate entity and will require a separate admission. However, Six Flags South Carolina will introduce a combination season pass which will allow returning guests access to both dry and water parks all season long.


As Six Flags South Carolina looks towards the future, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation remains committed to establishing the dry park and water park as the region's top family fun destination. Two hotels are expected to open within a mile of the park in the next 5 years.



In 2013, SkyScreamer will greatly change the skyline of Six Flags South Carolina as it opens in the lakeside location once home to the Firebomb and Flying Carpet attractions. The 200-foot-tall attraction will provide guests with thrilling views of the park and surrounding areas.


Beyond 2013, Derecho will receive a significant facelift and rehabilitation for the 2014 season. Six Flags South Carolina is the potential recipient of one of the following large scale attractions for 2015:


- Bolliger & Mabillard Wing Coaster

- Intamin ZacSpin

- Launched Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter


Additionally, Six Flags South Carolina continues to build local partnerships that benefit not only the parks but the greater community as well. Expect these to continue over the next decade.


Go Big. Go Six Flags South Carolina!


You can see all of the SFSC videos here:

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Hello! Long time, no see. I was glancing through a few pages of this thread recently, and I realized that many of the free-hosted images have vanished, leaving picture-less updates.


Therefore, I am in the process of uploading every single Charleston Gardens/Six Flags South Carolina photo (including some previously unreleased) to my Facebook page.


You can find all of the photos here: https://www.facebook.com/cd5productions/photos_albums


I hope to have all of the photos uploaded soon.


If you're wondering what I've been up to lately, check out my THE DARK KNIGHT RISES COASTER thread!

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Coming back to this. I loved to read this fourms YEARS ago, dreaming of one day making my own timeline park! And now that I am much older and have an account on here, I revisited some old fourms, and it brings me such nostalgia. To see people on this thread that I used to message all the time on my old account, it just makes me feel happy. I miss these times. 

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