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  1. Haha, good to know, I'll be going back soon, I couldn't pass up the outdoor ones. =]
  2. Cedar Point's new haunted houses were very well in my opinion. I went this past Sunday with only the indoor haunts open. Out of the 4, the Toy Factory one was easily one of the most creative haunted houses I've even been in. The rooms were wacky, insane, messed up, and amazing, go through its a must walkthrough. (the last hallway is the best hallway ever). After that Club Blood and the new one by Planet Snoopy were both very good, and finally the U.R Dade School was good. The park was great, the monsters/scarers did a great job and it was a very good time, one of my favorites yet.
  3. That wasn't a Boomerang, that was an Arrow shuttle loop coaster. I'm pretty sure that 1984 was the first year the Boomerang came into production.
  4. After yesterday, easily Waldameer, the park is run so efficiently and so clean. I didn't want to leave and Ravine Flyer 2 was amazing, got 6 rides on it .
  5. I know it doesn't count because majority won, but I'll make it unanimous and say floorless
  6. Thunder Run wasn't a clone, it actually inspired the 2 Hurler coasters, on the other hand, Chang basically is a clone of Mantis with just one more inversion, the 1st half of the layouts are exactly the same. Its just after the MCBR where the extra corkscrew was added instead of Mantis' figure eight.
  7. Amazing job so far, and i have to ask is this a no custom scenery park, it looks like one?
  8. I was at the park Saturday too for the first time, and I was shocked by how long the lines were. Me and my sis were gonna chill at the kids area only to find the reptar coaster and the fairly odd coaster had a 1hr wait and a 40min wait. We finished the night by waiting 45min for Vortex (underrated) and then heading to the Beast for a night ride which was unbelievable. The line for the Beast moved quickly but they shut the ride down for a half hour during the fireworks and people were not happy at all. Luckily I got on Firehawk, Flight Of Fear, and Backlot Stunt Coaster before it got too crowded during the morning.
  9. Wow....nin...that looks really, really, good, I would love to see both of those parks have their own separate topic very soon, and I love the Six Flags Magic Mountain idea of redoing the original scenario.
  10. I think CP is getting a new giant flume ride, but I actually don't want it and I go to the park at least once a week. The water rides are always walk-ons at Cedar Point and most people I know skip them and go to Soak City even though Soak City is pretty bad. And I don't think Cedar Point NEEDS a new water ride, they have two working ones which is around average for most parks. Also CCMR is going no where, with Six Flags Magic Mountain getting a new coaster, that would make them the undisputed coaster capital, and plus its the 40th anniversary for Mine Ride.
  11. The Ride Op for Wicked Twister is always hilarious for me. He asks riders if their ride was magically delicious and speaks random phrases like dippin dots before launching them out of the station.
  12. Thanks everyone for the advice, this is my second time going to the park but the first time was back in 2001 when I was way too small and scared to get on any major ride. I wouldn't even go on the Reptar coaster down there, I only went on the Beastie (at the time).
  13. Ok, I'm visiting King's Island on Saturday July 18th, I have a couple of questions... How long are waits for Diamondback, The Beast, Firehawk, and Flight Of Fear? How are the crowds? If you have a platinum pass for any Cedar Fair park does that give you free parking at King's Island? Any other tips of how to get the shortest waits on the major rides,
  14. Great trip report, the park looks like its top quality with their rides. I hope a megalite makes it into the UA.SA. I could see one coming to Michigan's Adventure actually, don't know why but it would seem like a good fit.
  15. I rode Mean Streak twice this year, two times too many after the experiences. One in the back seat and one in the front and they both were horrible. I had a cell phone cover on my envy2 and it shook it right off. It was down right bad. I don't know however if it is the park's fault for the roughness of the ride. I mean any tall coaster except for the intamins have been very rough. Mean Streak, Hercules, Rattler, Ghost Rider, Texas Giant, the Cyclone Clones, and a couple of others. I just think because they are so massive parks don't have the money to refurbish it. If it was up to me tear down Mean Streak, hire GCI to make a recreation of the Cedar Point Cyclone, and theme that area to the 1920's.
  16. 18/20 with some guesses and some process of eliminations...I am such a dork, but I love being one.
  17. The coaster looks very good and very realistic. Great Job! P.S. I think your park is way above average already.
  18. Cavs are the first team to sweep in the playoffs! =] I'm feeling more and more confident in this team everyday, and the Lakers better get ready. =P
  19. Chances are the only way to find a Kennywood recreation is making it yourself. The park is probably the hardest park to recreate because of the terrain of the park with phantom's revenge, thunderbolt, and jack rabbit. Just look at the layouts and give it a shot, its probably the best chance you got.
  20. That thing looks like its gonna have some insane airtime. Good or bad I at least give PAX credit for thinking outside the box.
  21. At least Cedar Fair tried to help California's Great America, they tried to add a coaster but the neighbors of the park objected. I actually think Cedar Fair is doing a pretty good job, they evenly distribute their capital into each park every couple of years. Like every major Cedar Fair park except a failed California's Great America received a new coaster since 2007. Unlike Six Flags who can just let a property sit their unattended like Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and America.
  22. Intamin wins all the way for me! First off based off mitch hawker's poll, Intamins have the top spots, and many close to the tops. They have new innovations every where from a zacspin, half pipe, vertical lifts, and beyond 90 degree drops. Intamins are also very intense, for example Maverick is one of the most intense rides I've been on. Yes B&M is a great company and have made many great coasters, but they don't push the envelope. Even other companies like Vekoma are creating more and more innovations while it seems like B&M sticks with what they got. But what they got is good. Anyway Intamin is the clear winner.
  23. Its nice to see Carowinds to be getting a completely brand new coaster. I think their last one was Runaway Reptar. If the coaster is from B&M then it can't be stand up, inverted, or flyer. That leaves floorless, hyper, and dive machine. Seeing how the park already has a pretty large collection of looping coasters I think floorless is probably unlikely. So I'm placing my bets on a compact hyper or dive machine.
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