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Where in the world are Robb & Elissa? Part III

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Guy might be on to something. Where we are at right now does involve the number two...But as in two of something not the poo-poo. (although I did experience some of the too!).


Hmmm.....what could have two of something that would be of importance to us?

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Has anybody made a correct guess yet Robb?


I can't say. I will say that some if you are close. But none of you are close. Someone may have guessed it but do we even know where we are?


--Robb "There was once a man from Nantucket..." Alvey

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I'm guessing your taking a trip to see the Brits I hope you are anyway. Would be nice to see you report on SAW !!!! The Ride. I'm not sure where there might be another ride opening perhaps its the new zone @ Legoland Windsor. I'm well upset though as i could go up to thorpe Park to ride SAW on its opening day but i have to work will just have to wait o well

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More clues...


And finally...Gemini is here! Now, where are we? And is this our final stop? Are we here to stay? Will we keep going? How long are we gone for? 2 days? 2 weeks? How many parks are we visiting? Why do I keep asking questions that I know the answers to! :D


I miss Japan.


There's a good amount of foliage here.


Ahh, you guessed it! We are at metal wall land!




Coasters in the snow?


There's a lot of this white stuff.


Where could we be?


In this locker is 1 million dollars and an agry jew. If you can find this locker before we return, they are both YOURS!


"We've only got a few hours...gotta fit Joey in this locker!"




Next flight?


"Do you have any idea what the street value of this mountian is?"


This is a pretty good clue that we might be on a plane...or an elephant...or maybe that was a clue too?

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Concourse F and McDonalds.... Minneapolis/St. Paul International. KLM... partner of Northwest and one of Northwest's hubs is in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Snow, Minnesota of course... Eurofighter lifthill? Or Avatar Mindbender? Seems to be indoor... You're going to Nickeldeon Universe!

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In this locker is 1 million dollars and an agry jew. If you can find this locker before we return, they are both YOURS!


Do I have to keep the angry Jew, or can I just take the million dollars?

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