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Where in the world are Robb & Elissa? Part III

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You know, there seem to be awesome guesses, and some great fun to read delusions in this thread. That number 2 thing got me thinking Elissa may be pregos with #2... but I am not so sure that would be the answer, as you are obviously flying somewhere, internationally more than likely. KT turning two seemed like a great guess, but no pics of her anywhere? I am dying for more clues!

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I would say Wiener Prater.


No that would be wrong.



It must be Long Island New York.


Yep that is my final answer.



Are you going to the Greatful dead concert in New York?

No that can't happen the concert will be on april 24.


But I'll stick with Long Island





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Negative on the looking fat. Besides, you dont have to be fat to be pregnant. Especially if it was in the first trimester. It was just the first thing that popped into my mind with the number two comments. :O)


I wonder how long that flight took... We should be able to figure that out.

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The dead giveaway here is the absence of KT. Leave home without her? I don't think so. Robb and Elissa have teleported back in time, back to a year before her birth. My final answer? Robb and Elissa are inside a magical time-warp wormhole.


(Either that, or you're in South Africa...)

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I'm kind of insulted by the pregnant comment!!!! Do I look fat or something?!?!?


No, just a carry over joke from the other day when asked when you guys were going to have another kid.


You need a sense of humor to view this site.


>: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42


The first 5 numbers added together equals 66. You are on to something!

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I've been holding back for a while because I wanted everyone else to get their guesses in and feel like they participated but I'm afraid I'm going to have to draw this to a close. Many people have already got this right and I feel it my duty to inform them of the truth.


Robb and Elissa are infact going to Thorpe Park.


You don't even need the clues to work this one out. Basically, just incase "SAW the ride" opens earlier than expected they have factored in an extra week of redundancy time in which they will ride the one new credit in the UK since they last visited. This is just testament to the amazing preparation and planning that Robb and Elissa put into their trips, thay have allowed for a week of delays on a single flight.


You'll also notice that the UK passed a law active from 00:01 on 06/03/09 stating that all cars on UK highways but be left hand drive. It is obvious from the picture of the rental car that they are therefore in the UK. Once again, to everyone who guessed Thorpe Park, you are 100% right.


I think I've put this one to rest. Send me a prize please...



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Some of you have interesting guesses. Note that if you are basing a guess on the photos you should highlight what part of the photo you think the clues are. Because the answer IS in the photos..... i think...

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"You'll also notice that the UK passed a law active from 00:01 on 06/03/09 stating that all cars on UK highways but be left hand drive." (TPDave)


Is the UK going to switch to driving on the right like most of the rest of the world? Switching to left hand drive, but still driving on the left would be...strange at best---possibly dangerous.



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I keep thinking that you guys are on the East coast. With all that nasty snow that I have stared at for the last week, thinking...it will never go away stacked the way it is! But, there is lots of snow on the East coast this week. Where oh where in the world are Robb & Elissa!??

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I'm stumped! Looks like Seattle..... if so, PLEASEEEE PM ME!! I'd love to see you guys in person!


EDIT: Oh, nevermind...... but still, if you ever get into or near the Seattle area, do remember to PM me, I know where some good entertainment centers in the surrounding area are, and we could have a good time!


For my next guess, I'd have to say somewhere in Japan or Nick Universe.

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