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Where in the world are Robb & Elissa? Part III

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I am going to have to go with Paris also. Bureau de change is a french word so that's what my guess will be.


I am not too confident because the Alvey's have been Europe too many times already. If not Paris then a very weird routing to Australia.

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OK here is my guess.... Tempo is an air france product and they offer a package where you can transit thru Thailand(my favorite country) and the country code for Thailand is 66(hence the picture of route 66). The only thing that is throwing me is that Air France doesnt operate out of termianl 2 of LAX, but their partner airline KLM does..... anyway thats my guess!

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The best flights to Gold Coast, Australia from LAX are Air New Zealand with a stopover in Auckland or Wellington.

I'm not sure how Route 66 comes into it. But Australia seems logical.

And that map looks VERY familiar.




EDIT: P.S. If you are going to Aus, PM me and maybe we can meet up at the park.

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Ok, going with what everyone else has said, and from me, being that this is only like my second or third post (maybe?), It is not New Zealand or Australia. If you look at the pic of them in line, it says Air New Zealand is further down. I would fly them from LAX instead. Tempo / Economy is a Air France class, this goes with the international currency exchange. Also, Route 66. Route is an English word derived from French. Combining this, Perhaps they are going to Paris, France. Maybe....

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I'm saying the first clue is the most important. #2!


Robb took Elissa and Joey on a wild trip Down the 10 Freeway (Formerly the tail end of Route 66.) to LAX to drop a #2 (A deuce, or poop) at the international terminal with some sort of group in front of Tempo airlines. (Now being it's a French airline, and we know about their "hygiene" habits, they thought no one would notice.) It seemed the "runoff" from the group poo (Fiber people, Fiber!) seeped into the baggage claim and they had to seal it off as a "sterile area" after it was fumigated from the stench. Now, because of the very pricy cost of fumigation, LAX demanded compensation. So Robb and Elissa asked Joey (because he's Jewish and good at collecting money.) to ask travelers for spare change to pay back the airport for the HAZMAT services that were provided to clean up Robb's #2. The airport map is the area that Joey covered to collect the change from people. The currency exchange picture is in there because of all the international travelers. Joey had to exchange alot of currency because the HAZMAT team only took Ameros. (Ask Bryan.)


Finally, they had to buy everyone Starbucks coffee to get the odor out of their nostrils as they captured video of Elissa getting pissed at Robb (Shocker! What else is new?) for turning a normal dump into a huge international mess. Afterward, Robb shrugged his shoulders and said, "Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go! I thought it would be fun to make a day of it?"


Then they all went and did the Hollywood double decker bus sightseeing tour with the spare change.


Guy "If you really think about it, it's all quite simple." Koepp

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Route 66 - has anyone gone back and listened to the songs. Kicks could equal kangaroos.


66 is also the combined age of Robb and Elissa.


1066 is the year that William the Conquerer invaded England from France.


1066 is also the year of the Boxer Rebellion (China) according to JJ Walker on Robb's all-time favorite sitcom, "Good Times."


They could be anywhere.

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Sherlock Holmes once said, "Once you eliminate the impossible, what ever remains, how ever improbable, must be the truth." So, perhaps we can determine where Robb and Elissa are by first determining where they are not.


Robb and Elissa are not:


3. under my house. Tune in later for another thrilling installment of "Where Robb and Elissa Are Not."


2. in my dishwasher; or


1. in Angus McNasty's cat bed;

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