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Where in the world are Robb & Elissa? Part III

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We haven't done this in quite a long time! Some of you may remember the following threads:


Where in the world are Robb & Elissa - Part I


Where in the world are Robb & Elissa - Part II


The idea is simple. We are heading someplace in the world (maybe multiple places?) and we are going to give you clues as to where we are at.


YOU have to try to guess where we or where we are going based on the clues we give you.


The first people who guess correctly will get something cool.


Yeah, that's all we're saying! On to the photos....


So where in the world are we? Or where are we going???


Aren't you in shock this monitor still works after all these years?


Ooooh....the irony!


Does this mean something? I think it might.


This is where you would go if you needed money for another country...that is, if we were going to another country...I mean, for the country we are going to...or not going to...or maybe?


oooh! The irony!


This MEANS something!




Or maybe they were refering to Joey?


Beware of the sterile area!


"Tempo?" Doesn't that have something to do with speed?


Hmmm...is this where we are supposed to go?


2? What in the world does 2 have to do with anything???

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From what I can gather you guys were at Terminal 2 in LAX. Tempo Economy is Air France's economy from what I've read.


I'm guessing you guys are heading to CDG.


That was a fun killing of ten minutes checking if there was definitely a Burger King AND a Starbucks in T2! LOL!

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