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Animal Crossing: City Folk


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^ I saw that a few weeks ago! I never knew they made an anime out of Animal Crossing. Too bad it will probably never come to America.


On the plus side, I got a Wii for Christmas! Tomorrow, my family and I will go to the Moreno Valley Mall for the post-Christmas sales. I'm praying that I can get Animal Crossing: City Folk.

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Jingle screwed me over! So it was like 11 at night when I found Jingle the first time but my Able Sisters was closed and I needed new accessories so I kind of, sort of cheated by bumping my clock back to 8. So I have new stuff on, I talk to neighbors and go into the houses and what not and never found Jingle for my second time. I looked everywhere and made laps around and through my town several times. Eventually, after 45 minutes of searching, I ditched AC for TPR chat. Oh well, I didn't get the set...it's no big deal, or so I thought. Until yesterday, when I decided to sell my turnips for a reasonably good rate to Nook, found out that my 100K crop of turnips was rotten because I was too dumb to realize that time travel rots turnips! Grrr....stupid Jingle! Bring back Franklin! End Rant!

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Going back to an earlier time in the game is a recipe for disaster if you have played any time "after" the destination time. If you absolutely must time travel, never go back further than the last time you played. For example, I signed off during the day on Saturday, but I didn't play again until Sunday. I still wanted to get a new song, so before I started on Sunday, I went back to Saturday night to get the song. I never played any time since Saturday night, but if I were to go to Saturday morning, bad things can happen.


And in other news, the latest going-ons in my town:



Here's Jingle for those who missed him.


I guess the walrus isn't the only card carrying ACE member in the game


In my town, Wednesdays are known as "hump days".

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Too bad about your town name though!


It's an awesome name, just a shame the place is awful (only from what I've read mind), I promise no 3 hour queues eitherl


On a serious note, I visited the fortune teller and she said that someone from another town needs to chop down 1 tree in my village before the end of December, to get December's charm. She said I wouldn't get the charm if I chopped my own tree down?

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For those just joining us...



Name: KidTums

Town: Intamin

Friend Code: 2535-7106-9993

Fruit: Apple


Erik Johnson

Name: TPR Erik

City: Monkey

Friend Code 2149-1637-9902

Fruit: Pear



Name: Corbu

Town: Ronchamp

Friend Code: 5327-4400-8650

Fruit: Apples


CTU Agent

Name: LispTums

Town: Amity

Friend Code: 1504-9200-7552

Fruit: Apple



Name: Nicholas

Town: Lansing

Friend Code: 3867-1511-7218

Fruit: Apple



Name: Matthew

Town: Calgary

Friend Code: 0173-4876-8764

Fruit: Apple



Name: William

Town: Gatorton

Friend Code: 0645-9381-4027

Fruit: Orange



Name: Stacey

Town: DCA

Friend Code: 1247-2337-2148

Fruit: Friggin Apple!



Name: Jew

Town: Israel

Friend Code: 3051-1226-7333

Fruit: Apple



Town Name: Intamin

Name: Bobbert

FC: 1676-7281-4241



Town: Wakita

Name: Robby

FC: 0259-4025-0991

Fruit: Peach



Name: Lisa


Friend Code: 3351-7792-4236

Fruit: Apples



Name: Brianna

Town: Disney

Friend Code: 2406-8805-8415

Fruit: Apple



FC 3652-4020-8900

Name: Mark

Town: CokeTown

Fruit: Orange



Friend Code: 3910 1381 6901

Town: PAJville

Name: Jeffrey



Name: Chris

Town: Bellow

Friend Code: 1934-4498-4078

Fruit: Oranges



Name: Nerio

Friend Code: 3308-8459-2016

Town: RedRiver



Name: Nathan

Town : Okjomo

FC: 1891-5227-5967


Mr. Starr

Name: Ryan

Town: Flabber

Code: 3824-2596-8621

Fruit: Pear



Name: Norm

Town: Radville

Code: 5327 5035 2560


The Cheat

Name: Shaun

Town: Texas

Friend Code: 5327-5144-9726

Fruit: Pear



Name: matt

Town: fuji-Q

Friend Code: 2965-2836-2676

Fruit: Cherry



Name: Patrick

Town: Woodsin

Friend Code: 4683-2715-4233

Fruit: Peach

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Went to Target tonight to get some boots and ended up with this game! I have finished my employment with Tom and now I am trying to figure out what to do next so I can get my code! It is hard for me to move around, I think my wiimotes need to be resynched or something.


BTW-My person is so cute and she has a little red flower in her pink hair!

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