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Animal Crossing: City Folk


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I just played for the first time in 2 months I think. I'm going to try playing a bit more just to get all of the new seasonal fish and bugs.


The sharks are about now, but I've not managed to catch any of them. Rubbish!

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Today was 'Mid Summers Day' in the UK (my birthday as well, cheers for the message Robb, Elissa and Kidtums), Tortimer is wandering round handing espresso makers to keep me going all night long.


Caught my first shark last night as well

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Our fruit is the peach!


My friend code is:

Name: Chris

Town name: Hayburg

Friend code: 4898-3647-1175


And my wife's code is"

Name: Jennifer

town name: Hayburg

Friend code: 1419-4412-3360


Come visit us. And if anyone was wondering how we come up w/ our town name, Baby Bee was saying "hey" and other baby talk and we named it after her babytalk. Either me or my wife or both plays almost everyday.

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