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Animal Crossing: City Folk


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Here's something you can't do on the GCN and DS versions


If you have a SD card and a reader for your computer, you can copy the camera photos to your computer.



I am mostly on in evenings, usually between 8-10pm EST


At the moment I just have the bare essentials


Here's my avatar, outside his exclusive beach-front property. Not very big at the moment, but things will come

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Turnip bulls can be very dangerous. All other root crops live in mortal fear of turnip bulls. Even the mighty Jerusalem artichoke (a sort of "feral potato") fears the dreaded turnip bull!

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Are you trying to tell us that Ryan finally got his Delorean working?


My store doesn't buy turnips for a very high price. The most is around 150, and I've seen some days where they are in the 60's



And some more random pictures of my town:


My flag


Is that a card carrying ACEr? He shows up some days begging for food!


USCoaster came to my town last weekend. Thanks for the apples (and the fish)

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ok....so we bought this yesterday and are having a blast with it!


Here is our info


Friend Code 3910 1381 6901


Town PAJville


Name Jeffrey



I am not sure at all how to play!!!!!!!


I input several different peoples info from here but I cant invite you over or send you a letter!!!!! How does this work? Do we BOTH have to have each others info plugged in, then it will work???


Also, we have wii speak....have not used that function yet either, so any help would be appreciated!!!!!



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