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Animal Crossing: City Folk


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Ok, game is out, it's awesome, WiiSpeak works way to well!


For those of you who don't know, Animail Crossing is kind of a "social networking" game where you are in a town full of animals and you chat with them, trade items, buy stuff, sell stuff, go fishing, go on mini-quests, etc, etc.


It's not *quite* an MMORPG, but it's a LOT of fun! The more TPR members we can get to play, the better! And if you have "Wii Speak" then that will be even more awesome!


Pick up the game, here is what it looks like:


Then post your information below so we can start this up all over again!


Name: KidTums

Town: Intamin

Friend Code: 2535-7106-9993

Fruit: Apple

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I don't have Wii internet access for a couple more days so I can't get online right now but I will add everyone here soon. This is the first time I have checked the forum since last friday and now I understand why all my residents are talking about Stacey in DCA.

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We need some TPR European members, as there are some EU Specific events coming up and we need to visit your towns!


Come on, some of you must be playing!


Hanno, don't make me make you buy this game!!!!


Elissa this game doesn't come out until December 5th in the UK. I had it on the DS and loved it, so will defo be picking it up on the Wii, but not until Christmas unfortunately.


Will enjoy 'speaking' to all the TPR gang when I get it.

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