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Hansa Park Discussion Thread

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A newsletter from Hansa Park says that two new family rides are coming next year along with Kärnan's upgrade, but it comes at the expense of two rides leaving.


El Paso Express (the Schwarzkopf Superbob in the back of the Mexico area) is getting torn down due to lack of spare parts, while Torre Del Mar (the Starflyer) is leaving the park due to Kärnan's tower apparently causing issues with changing wind conditions. Speculation has it that Torre Del Mar is heading to Terra Mitica in Spain as that park has put up advertisement for an 80m tall ride coming next year. Details for the two new additions aren't known yet.

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El Paso's demise has been a long time coming methinks. I think it was even supposed to be removed last year going by early versions of the 2015 park map where the ride was clearly missing.


As for Torre Del Mar, most of the available space to relocate it is already too close to Kärnan. The only other spot I could think of would be the grass field to the northwest beside Barracuda Slide, but it seems to be used as outdoor storage for now (they placed most of the pieces for Kärnan and Fluch there during construction).

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Remember the lanterns on the back of Kärnans train? Well they light up at night There is some lights at the front of the train aswell wich means that I was lucky enough to get a front row lights on ride I was geeking out so bad


By the way do anyone know the lift speed of Kärnan? it's hauling up that lift!


Kärnan looking good



Here you see the lights on the train (sorry for the crappy photo)

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Two new rides for 2016:


Der Kleine Zar ("The Little Tsar")

- a kiddie coaster, but adults will also be allowed to ride

- themed just like the big coasters of the park

- with a unique soundtrack

- located in the middle of the park, near Novgorod


Hansa-Flieger ("Hansa Flyer")

- a wave swinger

- in the entrance area of the park



No further details unfortunately.



source: Hansa-Park

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Kärnan.de has finally been updated with a look of what they've been doing during the holiday break.








Also a recent article about the 2016 developments (Kleine Zar, the new chair swing ride and Kärnan) stated that Kärnan's theming likely won't be completed in time for the park's opening on March 24th due to the massive work still needed to be done. Apparently the tower alone will need over 200,000 bricks.


For reference, here's how the whole thing will look when completed. Note the rock work in the outer section.


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First artwork on the "Hanse-Fleiger" chair swing ride:




The park map has also been updated to show where the two new rides will be placed. It appears that the "Russische Schaukel" ferris wheel will be removed to make way for Kleine Zar:




Preparations are being made for Torre Del Mar's removal:




And finally, a quick update on Kärnan's interior theming:







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Looks like the park have yet again made a good decision by waiting a year to finish the theming. It worked fantastically for Novgorod and this looks just as good if not better.

Seems to be a recurring theme with all of the European parks. I kind of like that approach, honestly.

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Didn't Tripsdrill do the same with Karacho?

A better question might be, did Klotten ever finish that mountain / castle / whatever they were building around Heiße Fahrt?

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So far not much has happened on the construction of the new rides outside of some digging near Nessie, although since they're smaller attractions they should go up quick once they go vertical.




Torre Del Mar is still standing untouched, which is a bit odd since apparently El Paso Express was torn apart months ago (I saw pictures of the cars in the back lot back in November)



Most of Kärnan's theming work is being done internally, so the exterior is not looking to be finished before the season starts.




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^ Exterior of the building is something I don't think is necessary for them to finish anytime soon. Last summer when I rode it the interior was far from what it should be and really took some of the ride experience away, so if they finish that first I'm happy. But I hope the park also worked on the boarding of the train, last year this was really bad with guest not knowing what to do and that made the dispatch time between the trains rise.

But I can't wait to ride this when theming is more finished.

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