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The "Preview" Thread

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This will be my entry for the TPR Track of the week contest! It's inspired by Vampire and the Big Bad wolf but Will be themed to vampires (Because why not?). This is a WIP shot but suggestions are welcome!Shot0973.bmp


Popcorn- I think you should do what you think is right for the ride, not everyone elses. I think that if you just add in a little foliage though it would be nice. The ride is fine!

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Here an little preview of an new park I am making,this is an layout recreation of the painful Togo Viper at Six Flags Great Adventure. As you guys can see I am not close to being done.SCR15.BMP

Also I am going to put the other pipline on the lift and first drop,just didn't in these to photos.


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Starting a project in my spare time, working park idea:


A derelict factory complex that has been retrofitted as an amusement park.


Right now I'm focusing on what I'm planning on as the centerpiece of the park, the coaster has two launches. Layout thoughts, and color ideas? The outside facade is going to be a larger factory, with the portion by the launches having a short dark ride section.



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I haven't played RCT2 in a long time now and decided I should re-install it and build at least one of the ideas floating around in my head.


Here's my first screen from my "medium sized park" idea.


It's a dock area for a walled ancient (possibly also futuristic) city. I haven't decided what's going to be on the opposite side of the moat yet.


Comments appreciated.


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Here an little update of my new coaster.


Well,I got the supports and some foilage done,but not the road though.


Remeber that this layout is the same on Vipers at Six Flags Great Adventure.


I remove the ungly loading station and entrances all by myself,Dj told me the steps. It wouldn't work until I did open the 8cars from the RCT2 Utilities and Tools V.30.

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