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The "Preview" Thread

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Just thought i'd post some more screenshots of what I am working towards. The turn around I have created isn't the normal b&m turnaround. I have gone for something a little different so please let me know what you think so far.







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The only thing I don't like is there are few cars... It just bugs me.




Tired of those Crabby table counter service Restaurants? Come stop by the Crabby Shack next to Zoooooomerang, Xcelerator, and Panic!

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This is my first EVER attempt to begrudgingly play rct3. RCT2 is broken and I have had RCT3, but Ive never really done anything with it, so well try this for now.


Anyway, the theming is not that awesome...by the way this is no cs with no expansions. This will become a chain of parks as I can almost guarantee I wont complete a NCSO and no expansion park in rct3, and I am hopefully getting them soon.


Without further ado...


A few screens of Vaquera... the new(and first) coaster for Mortonson Gardens


I'd love some criticism...but remember, this is my first EVER attempt at RCT3.


Vaqueras station.


Simple que...but nicely landscaped!




Vaquera's layout...yes... landscaping and foliage will be added!

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